Thinking about returning my Muse

  1. :confused1: Can you ladies help me decide what to do?

    I am starting to rethink my Large Taupe Muse especially after reading all the stitching issues. I just purchased it so I'm sure it's still returnable.... in it's place, I would like to buy the classic Chanel flap either medium or jumbo....

    But i'm still so undecided...especially since the Chanel is twice the price but alot smaller than my muse.

    My main concern really is that I would like a timeless bag that I will want to keep for a long time. I was also quite irritated to see that Banana republic came out with a replica of the muse. Someone actually asked me the other day if I got my bag at BR!

    Any advice?:confused1:
  2. I think that if you don't LOVE it, then you should return it. It doesn't make sense to spend all that $$ and not enjoy your purchase!

    I saw the BR version of the muse and I thought I would get one. But, when I went back, I found the color - cognac?- wasn't what I thought it was. Besides this one, there is only the dark brown one, right? No taupe?
  3. I have both- the Chanel jumbo is so TDF. I love it and will never part with it. I also have the large Muse, in chocolate, and love it, too. Hard decision to make,but... I feel my Chanel can be a bit dressier if I need it to be, and my Muse is a bit more casual. I wouldn't part with either of them...
  4. What stitching issues? Please forgive me because I am on this forum very recently and sporadically... (and I'm new) so I must not have read up on this as it seems you already posted about it.

    The shoulder strap space is kind of tight too, even on the OS muse. I only keep it because I love how it drapes on my shoulder (I have this fixation thing on draping).

    I agree if you don't love it then you should return it, and find yourself something you love.
  5. I've been dividing my time between YSL and Chanel. They're completely different lines with different "statements" to make. I mentioned a few times today already that I think the Muse is a timeless bag, a new classic. And Chanel has been ripped off/reinterpreted to a much larger extent, IMO.

    If you're concerned about YSL quality, then be doubly concerned about Chanel quality, as I've also read posts from people dissatisfied with loose stitches, faulty hardware, dents and creases in leather...for bags that are so much more expensive, it's alarming to me that there seem to be so many quality issues. And forget about the price increases! I've driven myself crazy about them, and I literally just joined the Chanel forum.

    Go with your gut. I can definitely say that Chanel flaps will *always* be around, so if you decide to stick with your Muse, you can at least know that you can get that flap someday. GL!
  6. I must say that I have a chanel flap and the the stitching came loose around the strap. I have not had a problem with any of my ysl bags and are more utiliatarian IMO. However, if you don't love the bag I would return it and get what you really want =)
  7. Wow - this is a hard one. I collect both Chanel and YSL Muse. I love both brands and have no desire to get rid of any of my Chanel Jumbos or YSL Muse! With the impending Chanel price increase tho' I'm focusing more on my Muse bags. They are equally as timeless yet hip.

    Go for the bag that makes your heart sing!!
  8. Thanks everyone for their input. After thinking about it last night, I just can't part with my Muse. I love the color and the leather too much! Plus, it's also my first designer bag purchase after holding off for many years, so as sappy as this may sound, it does hold sentimental the first couch I ever bought when I moved into my first real-non-college apartment =)

    So my plan is...even though the prices of Chanel are going up, I will just have to practice some self control and wait 'til I can save enough money and buy the flap bag next year =)
  9. ^ glad to hear you kept your muse, I love my muse and have used it so much since I bought it last year. i have not had any stitching issues and it has held up well considering how much ive used it. Its a very versatile and classic bag imo. I hope you enjoy it!
  10. ysl1983, so glad to hear your decision to keep your Muse now. I absolutely LOVE my large Chocolate Muse. :love:

    Talking about self control...I also to improve in this area.
  11. i have the OS muse and this dec will make it a year since i have had it and i don't have a issue with stiching i use it like nothing i don't baby it and it look like i just got it yesterday. I don't have any chanel bags but what i learned on the chanel forums is that they aren't great in quality and if your going to pay a lot of $$$ you should be getting a high quality bag which they don't seem to be. I wouldn't get the BR bag because...well it's just a knock off from ysl...better to get your dream bag then settle for less
  12. Glad you kept the Muse. It really is a great bag.
  13. Good to hear you kept your Muse. YSL seems to be one of the iconic design houses that has retained a cool understated vibe. Congrats!
  14. I own both the Muse as well as the jumbo flap and I love them both. I admit, I actually like the flap more than the Muse, but I think they are two totally different bags and you can't compare the two.

    I think both are classics but it really depends on what you want. The flap is dressy and elegant. The Muse is more casual but still quite classic.
  15. Chanel has a lot of work to do on the quality of their products :cursing: (not to mention their laughable prices :roflmfao:)! I tried extremely hard to buy two different bags in the last few weeks and every single bag I received was scratched, had broken chains, was used and abused and then returned :rant:, and the deal breaker was a bag that was shipped to me with a HOLE in the bottom of it and scratched to high hell :censor:. Is that insane or what??!?!?!?!

    I'm so enjoying a variety of other bags AND I'm loving the lower prices :tup:.