Thinking about returning both Dark and Light Silver Reissue

  1. Thanks in advance to everyone for all your opinions. I know I've been posting a lot about these two bags and i just don't know what to do

    I think they are beautiful bags, but I am so torn about them.

    Right now, the sagging is bothering me in bottom of the bags, the colors in general-silver seems a bit too bright and dark, is gorgeous, but hard to match with shoes :p

    The price tag in general....for something so gorgeous and spendy, I want it to be known to the average uneducated Chanel stanger to know its Chanel....and with the reissues, from a distance.....someone may not know.

    Do I return fo something that I love instantly? Or will the reissues grow on me? I only have 9 days left to return! Eeek Help!
  2. Actually, that's one reason I love the Reissue, is that it doesn't scream Chanel.

    If you are unhappy now, I would return them and buy the classic clap with the interlocking CC's- more people recognize it as being Chanel and it doesn't sag.

    Good luck!
  3. If you are already bothered by these thoughts, you should just return the reissues and get the gst/pst or the classic flaps... the reissues will not grow on you IMO.
  4. Me too... I love how they are so Chanel but do not scream Chanel. But if you feel differently and the sagging really bothers you (although it will get better after a while), then return them... It's too much money for bags you're not head over heels in love with ;)
  5. ^^^ Yup ... I think something so expensive needs to scream it's label nice and loud. And I think people who are uneducated in this *Chanel* field may not know what the hell it is! But never the less I still LOVE reissues. I think it's more important that someone who knows Chanel notices that I'm wearing Chanel rather than someone who doesn't.

    Shmoo I have to agree with you on the light silver though. It turns out beautiful in everyones pictures. But when I saw it IRL I just didn't know what I was going to match with it since I'm a very casual person. I will still love to have it but my wallet currently doesn't allow me to buy impractical expensive bags.
  6. I say return both if you don't feel good about them. Get the bag you like and feel comfy. I like to have black calfskin with gold hardware but I don't like that snagging bottom.
  7. return them .... and buy what you realy love :heart::heart::heart:
  8. It sounds like you don't love them.

    As others have said I love the reissue because there are no CCs! It was my first Chanel and liked that it was so subtle. Now that I'm more into Chanel I can deal with the CCs. I agree that dark silver is hard to match with shoes. I usually pair it with black shoes.

    Hope you find something you love!!
  9. RETURN THEM. What bugs you about them also bugs me. If you like the bling, get the dark silver medium (non reissue). That is a gorgeous bag. Or try a patent reissue that is more structured and won't sag......or stick with a classic caviar bag. I think you will be happy. That's what I would buy. Stay away from gets a little flat afer awhile (it happened to mine).
  10. Return them both if you do not love them. If you keep one - keep the dark silver. The light silver seems really hard to use to me although it is very pretty in pics.
  11. I agree!!
  12. I truly don't think you are going to suddenly get happy with them, so I would say return and get something else.
  13. I agree with everyone .. at those prices, you need to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bags and it sounds like you don't. Go for a bag you instantly and want to show off to the world!
  14. Personally, if I were spending that much money on a bag, I would also want people from a distance to know it's Chanel. People here are generally not Chanel experts by any means, so if I were to get a reissue it would go unnoticed which is why I wouldn't get one.

    If you're having this many doubts, I'd say return it. For that amount of money you want to get a bag that you know you love. I know the reissues are really popular, but if YOU are having doubts, by all means return.
  15. I agree you should return, but my reissue doesn't sag???