Thinking about purchasing ONATAH GM

  1. :confused1: I'm new to the forum and would appreciate any opinions on the Onatah GM. I seen one on eBay that I may bid on and was wondering if any of you have any modeling pics. TIA
  2. Hello anybody there. Can anyone help me with some modeling pics.
  3. There you go. I use it for school sometimes cuz it's a nice subtle bag and doesn't attract too much negative attention.


    EDIT: as you can see, I wrote LE on it, but it's really a seasonal bag. I was fooled by the SA and after I took the pic, it was kinda too late to take out the letterings...
  4. I love the onatah in aubergine so much. It's my dream bag that I know I will never get cause it's so expensive! But I love it; you should get it!
  5. one of my fave bags ... you should definitely get it.
  6. I would recommend getting it - it's a gorgeous bag!!
  7. Here's mine
    cuir 003.jpg
  8. The aubergine is if they had made that color in suede with the fleurs, I would have to have one! :drool:
  9. I'm interested in getting my mom this bag. Is it seasonal? I know it's been out for awhile - but I don't know anything about it. :push:

    I would love any information!
  10. I just found out that the white onatah gm is a seasonal handbag. So I don't think that it will come out again. That's why I was looking at the one on eBay; since this may be the only chance to get one at a good price.

    I hope this helps Cosmos.
  11. Heres mine, it is the cacao gm in suede, a lovely lightweight bag.