Thinking About Ordering The Turnlock Bowler

  1. I found one in both the red and dark brown color and I just can't decide between the two. I just want your opinions on what you guys think is the best color.
  2. I really love the red. But I always want red bags and have yet to find one! Both of those colors are very pretty.
  3. There are no more of the red and dark brown on Eluxury, but I found each color on the Zappos site.
  4. I ordered my tina from Zappos.

    I've seen both colors side by side... the brown is very pretty.. has almost a deep red tone to it... the red is also a great color. YOu can't go wrong either way
  5. Thanks so much for your opinions. I wish I could see them IRL, but I live in the stix of Nebraska. No stores around!!
  6. i agree with luna, both colors are gorgeous. but, i tend to like more vibrant colors and the red is stunning, so i'd go for that one! you could order off Zappos and return if you don't like?
  7. I would go with the red. I think the red is so rich and gorgeous!
  8. Red! But I'm biased as I'm looking for a red bag right now. It always works as an accent color
  9. I'd pick the red. The red is very nice!!
  10. I'm going to say brown - while both colors are very nice IRL, I think the brown will be a bit more versatile. Just my two cents. :flowers:

    Good luck!