thinking about my emerald courier...

  1. it's really big for me...i'm thinking of selling it, but i don't want to go through all the hassle of ebay. i should just keep really is beautiful, i love the color. i would love a different size, like the purse or city, but i'm not sure. took me so long to get it too...
  2. If you are having second thoughts, sell it. You could keep an eye out for the size you are looking for and then offer a trade.
  3. It's funny--my emerald bag (Classique) is the one b'bag of mine that I've actually gotten a compliment on from my non-b'bag friends--for the color. If you don't like it, you should try ebay. It's really not so bad. Just use common sense and don't sell to anyone whom you feel uneasy about.
  4. Do you have the pics? I think emerald is a lovely colors, but I haven't seen it in courier...
  5. awe, that's too bad you find the courier too big pippop :sad: ...i've got a light olive courier that i'm in love with & i'm only 5'2...but in that gorgeous emerald green color, you'll find it a new home in no time!!!
  6. I LOVE :heart: my Courier bag; as a matter of fact, I'm thinking about the 'X' Large Courier (in the Fall 2006 Grenat color) ... yeah, baby!
  7. I'm right there with you Ceejay!!:yes: Love the Courier, the bigger the better!:P
  8. I can't wait to buy a Courier one of these days! Love that bag!
  9. Hi..

    I got an INK courier and EMERALD weekender. I WISH I bought it the other way...EMERALD in courier/INK in weekender.

    But..then I'd have 2 EMERALDS...

    There's NO selling, buying or trading on tPF or in PM please.
  10. pippop - i'm really sorry to hear that you've fallen out of love with your courier! :sad: i hope you get a great price for it if you list it on eBay... please do me one thing before you stick it up on scary eBay - please take it for ONE last test drive before you REALLY decide!!! i dont want you regretting it!!! Just one last test drive and see how it goes... if it goes really sour then ok... let her go... best of luck!
  11. oopps. these are the kinds of posts the mods are talking about. we are not allowed to say we are thinking of selling our bags.
  12. this thread really wasn't intended to try and sell my bag...i really was on the fence and wanted to hear opinions from people who know balenciaga. thanks to them, i decided to keep my bag. so i apologize if anyone thought i was doing it with ill intention, i just wanted opinions, so thanks, guys!
  13. hey pippop,
    i'm SO glad to hear that you're keeping your emeral courier!!! woo hoo!!!
  14. yippy, i'm soooooooooooooo happy you kept your gorgeous emerald!!!
  15. I saw a courier for the first time IRL a few days ago at NM. It's a very cool bag. It's def one I'm considering for fall.