Thinking about moving to NYC from ATL, any NYC ladies care to share their thoughts?

  1. So after graduating from college in May 2006 and floating around 2 different jobs for the past year and a half, I think I'm ready to head back to grad school in NYC. If I'm accepted, I'll be doing the Masters of Art for Business program at Sotheby's, which consists of 9 months of study in NYC (Sept-May) and 3 months (June-Oct) in London!:wlae:Ideally I'll move in with a friend this June, who already lives up there, and do a June-June lease so I'll be free to move to London next summer.

    I'm no small town girl, and I've travelled extensively internationally and lived in Italy for a year, but I stil get giddy thinking about moving to NYC.:love: My boyfriend is in I-banking:rolleyes: like every other boy in NYC, and his plan is to transfer up there sometime this spring to work at a larger bank, so I know I won't be seeing much of him for like 2 years.:sad: But it will pay off in the long run because he'll be making excellent money and it will open alot of doors.

    Ladies, please share your experiences with me! Where do you live? What areas do you like? Sotheby's is on the UES, and I'm open to living pretty much anywhere: UES, UWS, East/West Village, Chelsea, Soho.. I know rent is going to be $$, Atlanta already is pretty pricey so that's not a huge shock, and thank god my parents will still be footing my bills.

    I'm really just looking for some reassurance that I'm not totally crazy for doing this. This Masters program I want to do is amazing and will open soo many doors for me in the art world, in NYC as well as DC, LA, San Fran, etc..

    Thanks girls! :smile:
  2. Hey there,

    I am a big New Yorker, I have lived in New York for the past 15 years, since I was a teenager. I didn't have any problems with it since I grew up in a big city of Moscow (Russia) and have traveled Europe quite a bit myself.

    But there is something that makes me LOVE this city more than any other place in the world. NEW YORK is my home, this is the place that gives me the comforting and exciting life that I want to live.

    In terms of neighborhoods, it is really up to you. I live in Battery Park City, and think its the greatest neighborhood in the city, because of the park that the neighborhood has. I come out to the boardwalk and take a walk in the evening. View of Statue of Liberty out of the window, gym and pool in the building, you name it we have it here. It is a bit pricy, but I am thinking a studion apartment should be less then 2k a month, a one bedroom will run somewhere from 2500 to 3500 depending on how new the building is.

    All the trains come downtown and are stretched out in a radius of a few blocks, so commute to midtown is not going to be difficult.

    It is quiet and peacefull here. This you will not get in any other neighborhood in the city, unless you are on the upper West side, and eventhough I love Central Park and all, it is not the same as downtown.

    I think you will definitely love this city and if you will need help getting around or getting to know your way around here, you can always drop me an e-mail and I will help you out.

    Good luck.
  3. I am a New York City native and have lived here all my life! I am currently living with my boyfriend in Midtown West in a luxury apartment building. My boyfriend is an ibanker too, which is why can afford the place. :p

    We're looking to move out at the end of the year, opting for a much quieter neighborhood. Our current location is extremely convenient but there are always crowds of people as we live in the heart of Manhattan.

    So if you're looking for a location that is not as "happening", I'd check out the UES and Murray Hill. They have more affordable (but smaller and older) apartments in East/West Village. They also have brand new luxury buildings just across the water in Long Island City (Queens).
  4. actually, the apartments at LIC aren't brand new, they've been renting out for quite some time.

    try to find somepalce close to sotheby's since the daily commute is going to get tiresome after a while. my commute is about 45 min.-1 hour and its not bad at all but sometimes i wish i can just roll out of bed and walk to the office. half the time, theres a flood and none of the trains work or something. and if trains dont work, you'll have a real hard time catching a taxi too.
  5. i am a born and raised new yorker. i live on the uws (3 blocks from where i grew up). i am biased (as are all new yorkers who usually love the neighborhoods they live in). the uws is fun with great restaurants and bars but also low key- lots of families and generally quieter. plus we have lincoln center and 2 parks- central and riverside. the UES is nice as well but almost too quiet for me- a lot of the avenues don't have supermarkets or bodegas so at night if you want something you have to walk avenues and avenues. i'm not much of a downtown girl but i do like chelsea. hope this helps!
  6. I just need to say OHhhh, I am so green with envy! j/k I looked into a year long program at Sothebys back in 2001, then 9/11 happened. MY DH & I've talked about doing this together when we retire next year. I love NYC!
    And you are so right about opening doors. The staff that Sothebys & Christies have are exceptional.
    Lucky you! Have you eaten at Petaluma's yet? We run into Sotheby's associates everytime we are there. It is yummy!
  7. Thanks for all the info ladies!:yes: Now fingers crossed that I get accpeted into the program, which I should b/c I went to a really good school for undergrad, had a great Art History GPA, and I've had several good internships/jobs in the art world. eee, sooo excited!:yahoo: