Thinking about leather bleecker duffle...

  1. Do you guys have any thoughts on these?? Do you like them? Is the large one alot better size than the regular size?

    Which colour is the nicest!!

    Ahh! Thank you!!
  2. I have the Large Bleeker Duffle in Bottle Green. I love it alot and have carried it often this season. It is roomy but slim and lays nicely across the body when you wear it off the shoulder or cross body. I love the large one the most - I don't generally do small bags for the most part. All the colors are great. tlloveshim has the Magenta pink one and blackbutterfly has the ink one. Choose a color that works best for your wardrobe and you won't go wrong. I had the rust one but returned it for the Bottle Green. Here are some pictures of me modeling the bag.
    IMG0003_14.jpg IMG0002_9.jpg IMG0001_16.jpg IMG0001_17.jpg
  3. I have the large magenta one - it holds a lot but it's not that big. I'm 5'4" and it doesn't overpower me at all.
  4. large
    and DITTO to what lizcordova said
  5. I actually like the smaller one and find it fits everything I need (large envelope wallet, make-up bag, checkbook, etc). My alternate purse is a medium carly, so I'm generally not into the huge bags.

    I just got the leather bleecker duffle in ink blue and LOVE it. Even better, I was able to use the Macy's F&F discount. In real life, it's not as blue as it appears on the website. Somewhere else on the forums, I read that the larger one doesn't fit as comfortably as the medium in the crossbody length. I purchased it specifically for the crossbody function, so that mattered a lot to me.

    Here are a couple of pics:
    IMG_1312A.JPG IMG_1311A.JPG IMG_1310A.JPG
  6. I have the regular size and it fits me just fine. I am only 5 ft. so it lays across my body perfectly. I have it in the rust color and get compliments on it everytime I use it. Very roomy too!
  7. I think the big one is too long for me, I'm planning on getting the medium duffle. and I usually like large bags best - Large carly, large ergo hobo, etc. But in this case I like the medium shape best overall.
  8. Thank you so much everyone for your advice!!!

    Does the bottom part stick out too much?!?! I am worried it is too wide?
  9. I have the smaller one in bottle green..and its definitely not "small" by any means. In fact with my french wallet, ipod, iphone, glasses case, work cell, and small cosmetic pouch it still seems pretty empty. The larger duffle has prettier detailing on the strap...but for me...the bigger the purse..the more full I pack it and it starts to get too heavy. There's still enough room in this bag for me to through in stuff like my knitting or a book and still have room left over..but not soo much room that it will weigh a ton from everything I put in it.
  10. I love both! I love the way the larger duffle falls slim against the body when not too full...not bulky at all despite the oval shaped bottom--which I love btw~! I love the leathers on these bleekers-- thick and great quality just like the older original classics back in the late 80's and early 90's!
    I love large bags so love the large as a snug crossover too which is cute...esp. in the warmer weathers when you're not wearing a thick coat.

    The smaller duffle I love too because you can wear it two ways --as a shoulder bag with the strap doubled up or wear it as a nice long sling/crossover purse. I got this in the ink-- the ink is so gorgeous in real life. Mine is more grey than blue and is pretty much a smokey charcoal blue color that is just gorgeous!

    If u like larger bags go for the large duffle and if you want something that is versatile and can be worn in different ways, go for the smaller one, which will still hold a lot as someone above mentioned.
  11. Wow!! Thank you for the great review!!!!

    I didn't realize this! Only the smaller one can be worn as a shoulder bag AND crossover?? The longer one is not adjustable! Hum! I did not realize!!

    Thank you so much! I have to go check these out!!

  12. I tried on both and decided i lk the big duffle better, it looks better on me as well. Im stil able to sling it across bcos im oli 5 feet 3.