Thinking about joining Weght Watchers-help

  1. I am thinking about joining Weight Watchers but I don't really know what I get for it. I went on the website & it didn't really give me all that much info. Should I go to meetings or is the online program they offer okay? Does someone actually set up a plan for me & advises me how much I can eat everyday? If anyone could give me any advice that would be great.
  2. I know Amanda uses them... shoot her a PM for some info :yes:
  3. It's really up to you. It depends on how much support you need. If feel like you are going to need people around you cheering you on, go to the meetings. The online could be extra support for you to keep track of your points and have additional support from online forums, plus lots of meal suggestions.
  4. You will sign up for a package deal when you first go and sign up. I think it's about $100 or so for the first 12 weeks. They always have specials.

    You will be weighed and measured (very discreetly) and given instructions on how many points you need to take in each day to lose weight. You attend the meeting (if you want to but I think you should particularly early on).

    Each week, you go and weigh in and your progress is marked. When you reach your goal weight, you have to maintain it for six weeks. Once you maintain for six weeks, you are a lifetime member. You only go and weigh in once a month. If you stay within your goal weight (2 lbs.) each month, you don't pay anything. If you go over, then you have to pay $12 that month. If you skip a monthly weigh-in, you also have to pay $12.

    I would recommend doing it in the building instead of on-line. To me, the greatest motivating factor was the weekly weigh-ins. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. everything she said was correct, but i'd like to add that the extra advantage of the meetings is that some of the members there have been on the program for months and they're a great resource to use when you start - they've figured out which brands of certain foods are lower in points, they've all got great recipes, etc. i go to the meetings still, even though i've been with the program for a year, because knowing that i have to get on a scale and be accountable for my actions gives me a lot of motivation to not cheat and pay attention to my diet.

    it really is a great program, and you don't have to commit to a bunch of meetings initially if you just want to try it for a little while. you can pay week to week.
  6. I echo Amanda. Meetings are a must. I need to go back and start attending meetings. It's very inspirational.
  7. Thanks ladies after this weekend of indulgence I definetely need some help
  8. Ive done WW for awhile and I lost weight the point system is really good. I stopped going to meetings due to medical stuff but I follow the point system as best as I can and have lost and kept off more than 40lbs in 10 months-it is important to eat ALL of your points.