Thinking about getting the Olympe Nimbus bag...

  1. Hi,

    I have been stalking the Olympe Nimbus GM bag in anthracite at the LV store. Any opinions on this bag?

    I'm not usually drawn to LV bags, but I think I love this one.

    Do you like the stratus better?

    Are the Olympe bags being knocked off on eBay?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I liked the Nimbus PM in pictures and when I tried it in IRL, the braided strap was too bulky on my shoulder. The strap just looked weird on me. However, I really like how it looks (just not while wearing it) and the leather is so soft and smooth. GL in making a decision.
  3. i have both the Nimbus PM in Anthracite and Stratus PM in Ecru, and i love them. the braided handles are a little bulky, but they're not cumbersome at all. the Nimbus GM is HUGE, by the way
  4. ^^Yup, I know how big the GM is. I'm quite tall so I think it looks OK on me. But thanks for the heads up. :smile:
  5. I have the anthracite Nimbus GM and I am short! LOL I think it actually looks pretty good on me. I tried both the PM and the GM at the LV store and my SA and a few other women who were there commented that the GM size looked better on me. I loved the fact that I was able to fit all my things in the GM size.The GM is huge, but it doesn't seem that big because of the hobo-effect. I love this bag! I don't find the thick handle cumbersome at all.
  6. Pursenut...

    I was looking at your pics of the bag actually, and I agree it looks great on you! Seeing your pics has made me want it even more. :pI think I'm gonna get it. :nuts: I really like the stratus style, but the double strap seems like it might not be as comfy to carry as the nimbus is.

    I :heart: your cat, by the way.
  7. I just fell in love too was not a fan prior. I am picking up my PM in perle tomorrow. Ilove the smoosh and the slouch. Go get one!!!
  8. Awww...thank you so much! I'm glad you're going to get it!! It really is one gorgeous bag! I think you'll be really happy with it. This is a bag that my husband actually deems "substantial" and worth the money. LOL

    The stratus style is pretty, too, but a bit small for all my stuff and I was too afraid of color transfer since the bag is sooo light and I wear mainly jeans.

    I love my kitty, too. She's so precious. I have two kitties (boy and girl) whom I call my babies. :smile:
  9. Congrats!!! Such a pretty bag!
  10. I had the Nimbus GM in Anthracite (before I traded it for Perle) and it is TDF! I love the GM and thought the PM was too small for my needs.
  11. I have the GM and I love the soft leather, the roomy space for all my stuff, and the braided strap that feels nice and soft on the shoulder even when the bag is heavy!
  12. the nimbus is gorgeous in both colors. the strap wasn't bothersome at all.
  13. I love the body of the bag so much. The strap kills it for me too. To me it looks to big and bulky. Someone said it looked like an umbilical cord....that kind of killed it for me.
  14. I absolutely love the Nimbus GM--how I wish to have the cash for it. Post pics of whatever olympe bag you get
  15. That line looks too delicate even for me! I totally baby my bags, but I don't want to even attempt to own one of those!