thinking about getting the Joy Medium Boston bag...

  1. hello everyone!


    i was thinking about getting the Joy medium boston bag. I was wondering what fabric/material the handles and straps were. The only thing holding me back is the fear of the handles and straps getting damaged easily from friction with jeans/clothes and bumping into people in crowded places. It looks like it would tear easily after a few good uses. I get the impression that the handles would lose its color/hue after some wear and tear. Does anyone have the bag and can share some experiences about it?

  2. I do not have that model, I own this one:


    The handels and straps are vernis leather. I've been using this bag a lot (i really love it) and it's new. I do not think they will lose its colour easily because they don't seem "painted". And it's not a rigid vernis, it's the same kind of vernis that D&G uses for shoes, smoooooth and very shiny.

    I hope this could help, but if you have any other question....
  3. That bag is hella cute!!! Good price too!! Did you try on the bag in person? I doubt the handles will lose its color.
  4. In fact I did no try it, I was wearing it today at work:yahoo:. As I've told you I've been using it a lot, I bought it 2 months ago and it looks brand new. And yes, the price is perfect, because my handbag is huuuge.

    If you want tomorrow i can post real and closer images of the handles so you can appreciate the quality of the vernis.
  5. thanx for the responses!
    i haven't tried it in person yet.

    what is vernis leather?

    Mab, i didn't see your bag on the site. is it from the luggage section? it looks good for work!

    do post pictures please!

  6. I always visit the french version of the web (because of the price in euros), and I've realized my handbag doesn't appear in the u.s. webpage :crybaby:.

    Oops, sorry i used the french word "vernis", when I was thinking in "patent".
  7. I have the little baby version of the joy boston, and let me tell you how durable it is! the material is GG plus, so its the coated canvas.. and that means I can pretty put it anywhere (usually in my larger GG plus school bag) and its fine! I use it as a little handbag as well when I'm going here and there and I kinda throw it around, but it still looks like new (since december). I do not think the colour will come off of the handles at all, and the gun metal leather is really nice! The white one is also a beauty -especially for the summer -but the one you're eying will go with everything. plus, its quite roomy !

    I'm sure you will agree when you see it in person... go go go! :tup:
  8. Mab, may I ask you much did you pay for this bag? It's fabulous!
    I've been wanting to get it for some time now and I haven't been able to find it on the Gucci website.. Do you also know the retail price? Thanks a million for your help!
  9. That is one beautiful Boston! I luv the color so lovely! Both Gucci's are lovely!

    Can't wait for your reveal!
  10. i think its cute, as you stated the handle might wear with use, i haven't have any problems with any of my BostonS, after all i do switch out my bags, i guess this also helps..GL
  11. Tally: that boston joy bag you're thinking about getting is simply gorgeous! I have one but with the lilac trim. It is such a beautiful, and very verstile bag. And can fit practically everything in it. I carry it everywhere, and it is very durable. The straps are very strong, and dont fade at all. They dont rub out or have other fabrics rub onto them. The GG plus fabric is so easy to look after, and clean too. At the end of using my boston for the day, i just use a white cloth dipped in a little water and give it a good touch up. I say definitely buy it. I'm looking forward to seeing some modelling pics when you get it.

    Mab: your bag is beautiful. I love the design!! :heart::heart:
    Its such a unique style, i havent seen it before.
  12. this thread is from two years ago. that big is a seasonal bag and not sold in stores anymore. your best bet is to find it on eBay, bonanzle or some other consignment shop. these metallic handle bags had a problem with the color rubbing off. dsw also had something similar on sale for $250? or maybe $300. don't pay more than this if you're buying off eBay etc. gl on your search!