Thinking about getting my first bal city but...

  1. Hi everyone! So I'm trying to decide between bal city giant in black or maybe some other colour (needs to be a neutral) or a Louis vuitton alma Damier ebene pm.
    Now I have one Louis already (mono speedy) and I do slightly regret it as its covered in logos and there's alot of places I struggle to take it as I don't feel comfortable with all the judgement.
    Which is why I was thinking of getting a bal bag however how is the leather this year? Is it high maintence? Will it show wear and tear quickly? is it to casual for certain events?

    Thanks in advance for any advice :smile:
  2. Anyone???
  3. I think it depends on the color etc. each bag is slightly different. I have one from last year and two from this year and I love all three!
  4. I'm thinking of getting black. I'm not sure if I should choose the giant hardware or regular.
  5. I have giant gold hardware- it's gorgeous and stands out so well!
  6. I really love the look of the bal and want to try something to the Louis Vuitton. Unfortuantly I don't live near a store and just can't get to one, so I would have to purchase online :/
  7. I have to purchase mine online as well but I call the stores and have the sales associates text me pictures (I know it's crazy but it helps)
  8. I just purchased a black city in g12 mRGGH in March and I absolutely love the leather. Leather varies from bag to bag, and also varies by hardware/color/season. It'll probably be a good idea for an SA to text you pictures of the bag you're interested in so you can compare the leather and find one that fits your preference (e.g., right amount of wrinkles, distress, etc.) Good luck!
  9. Oh ok, so you can get someone from the online website to send pictures of the bags? Or is it if I call a store and get them to send pictures and ship them?
  10. I call the stores and talk to a sales associate and ask them to send live pictures- Dawn at Barneys in Chicago or Catherine in Arizona have been great to me you ask for them tell them you were referred by Nikki and your looking for balenciaga pictures and what your looking for! They will send you pics and you can choose which looks best to you. Catherine has been amazing I recommend!