Thinking about getting a new bag....Help...

  1. So I am thinking about getting a new bag. But I am not sure what to put my money towards. I really want a large leather slouchy over the shoulder bag. I dont want to spend more that $500 on it though. I am pretty open on the color (chocolate or browns seem to draw me in - but striking colors are nice as well). I would like it to be simple but the leather to be soft and of good quality. Any suggestions and pics/links would be greatly appreciated. :flowers:
  2. Kooba has some nice bags around that price range, and their styles are mostly slouchy shoulder bags. Check them out on,,, or "Ginger" and "Sienna" bags have been especially popular for Kooba in the past year or two. (These pics from



    Another fairly affordable choice is Botkier, although I kind of prefer Kooba in that price range. Oh, and there's Bulga too! Good luck.
  3. Hi Lisa! I agree with Cosmo...Kooba got nice affordable bags. May I also suggest Isabella Fiore handbags (which of your price range)...only if you're into "hobo chic" kind of thing.




    You may also want to check out Rafe handbags.

  4. Thanks cosmopolitian and hysteric. :flowers:
  5. for a slouchy bag, I love my Furla Farrah (which I bought from another PFer). I have it in white. The bag is actually much slouchier than it appears in the picture. I couldn't get the picture into this post, but here is a link: Furla USA. The chocolate suede would be nice for fall.
  6. :flowers: Thanks for the suggestion IndyCat!
  7. Lisa, if you decide to go with the suggested brands above, be sure to check out Deals & Steals forum for promotion codes offered from retailers like, (25%-30% off).
  8. Oh! Thanks bag.lover I didnt even think about that!
  9. Hi Lisa, besides the excellent suggestions already given, perhaps you'd like to consider a Tano?

    A couple are on sale:

    tano bag details including dimensions color and price
    Oversized shopper reduced to $99 (for certain colours like scuba green)

    tano bag details including dimensions color and price
    Love triangle on sale for $195 (dark brown available)

    tano bag details including dimensions color and price
    Boogie bucket $159

    tano bag details including dimensions color and price
    Woogie bucket $189

    tano bag details including dimensions color and price
    Vespino reduced to $125
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  11. Have a look around,, and

    There are coupon codes for 20-25% codes floating around... check out

    you can usually get away with a bag for under 500
  12. have you looked at gerard darel handbags? they seem to be really popular too!
  13. If you decide to go Kooba.. there's a few of them onsale on e-luxury's summer sale!
  14. gerald darrel is cute :P