Thinking about getting a Neverfull (MM) HELP!

  1. Hi everyone, ever since yesterday I've been looking at the neverfull MM and I'm really loving it!

    any experiences with this bag for the owners???
  2. I love mine... of course the only thing that is a negative is the leather sliders don't stay up.. but I've been keeping mine open.. so it really doesn't bother me...
  3. :yes::yes::yes: I love mine too. so easy to use. you can carry tons of stuff and the straps donnt bother you. andddd looks very nice on the shoulder... just get it:graucho::yes:
  4. i went to LV today and tried on the Neverfull MM...i dont know why I was kind of disappointed..maybe because i tried it on with my bulky jacket....?
  5. I love mine! One of my comfiest bags! ^for sure try it without the jacket!
  6. i was trying to look over at the LV Neverfull Clubhouse but i want to see MORE modeling pics!! lol..
  7. Try the MOCA Club also - there may be a few modeling pics in it for the MOCA Neverfull.