Thinking about getting a large smithfield....

  1. .....Does anyone have one? And if so, is it a comfortable bag to wear or is it heavy and awkward to use? I do so love the style. Hope someone can advise.
  2. I've admired this a lot on the website, but weirdly I have never picked one up in the shop. Not sure who might have one actually, but hopefully someone will be along soon to help :tup:
  3. I've seen it in the shop in red, I didn't pick it up though so don't know how heavy it is. Looked even better IRL but I was too busy whipping out my credit card for the Mabel (yes I've said the M-word again!)
  4. I've just bought one from eBay after trying it out in a Mulberry store (haven't received my bag yet, though).

    I thought the large one was not heavy or bulky at all as I might had expected. I own an Emmy in black darwin, and IMO it's much heavier and more boxy in size. The handles of the Smithfield are quite long compared to the usual ones that Mulberry have in their bags and I could fit the bag easily on my shoulder over my thick winter coat (for comparison, for example Bayswater has shorter handles). The bag didn't seem boxy or too big to me, as it's narrower in shape from the upper part of the bag where your hand goes when carrying it over the shoulder.

    The normal sized Smithfield was nice as well, but I preferred the large one since it is more roomy plus has the tassel that the normal one doesn't :yes: The larger one has also thicker handles which seemed more sturdy and nicer looking to me.

    I don't know all the leathers and colours that the Smithfields come in, but mine is in Claret darwin/natural leather. I was thinking about buying an oak one (darwin too), but the red was looking so lovely in the store that I just had to get it although the oak might have been more "sensible" colour... The store also had an Emerald one, but it looked very bluish/tealish to me instead of being a deep jewel green as in the adds they had.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Yes chaz, thats the bag. I love it :love:
  7. I am totally wanting one too. The stores here only have Oak left though, and the Mulberry website has chocolate.. and I want red. There *is* one on eBay, but the import costs will probably be crazy...
  8. I love the shape and design of this bag, it's very classy and very Mulberry! I haven't tried one one, so I can't really say anything about weight or how easy it is to use. I agree that the bigger one seems like a good choice, looks roomy, still not too big. What colour did you have in mind?