Thinking about getting a Birkin

  1. I want a nice everyday bag for fall. I'm thinking of getting a Birkin because I can keep a lot of things in it including some notebooks for school and such. I'm only 16, but I appreciate the craftsmanship of Hermes products and I know that it's a classic bag that I'll carry for years to come.
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    Birkins are indeed timeless and wonderful. They are rather hard to get though, so it is important to build a relationship with a SA at either Hermes or a boutique that carries Hermes (ie. Neiman Marcus in some locations).

    What color are you thinking of getting??? Also, have you considered a Garden Party? You should go check out our Members Items thread and the Informative Catalog for ideas. And let us know if you have any questions at all! Good luck sweetie!
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  4. I'm not sure which color, there's so many, and I'm so bad at choosing. Thanks for all the advice.
  5. Can anyone tell me which NM's sell Hermes bags? I know there is a hermes boutique inside the Dallas one, but I was told they only sell garden parties and no other leather hermes bags. Would love to know if they sell other hermes leather bags. Thanks in advance:flowers:
  6. The NM in Troy Michigan also sells Hermes. They only get about 5-6 Birkins a year though and the list is incredibly long. good news though they usually have a nice inventory of bolides, trims, the occasional Kelly, kelly clutches, garden parties, accessories and clothing. Birkins and Kellys are very had to come by.

    My SA there is Lisa Hamlin, (248) 635-8442 (she is not exclusive to Hermes- does all designers), and the main number to NM is (248) 643-3300- you can just ask to be connected to the Hermes department.
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    I am very happy to know that you appreciate the quality of Hermes craftmanship, but before you jump the gun and try to purchase a handbag please visit our reference and informative guides.
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    What more can I all are awesome and give great advice.
  9. I envy you for being 16 yrs only & able to get a birkin at this age. Birkin are timeless and you can carry them for many more years to come. You might want to get a black birkin w/gold/silver hardware because I think it's classic, easy to match with any outfit and also less flashy to carry one to school.
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  11. Thanks everyone. You guys are so sweet.
  12. i am also thinking about getting a birkin! also the fact that you're one year older than me!! welcome to the forum!!! im considering a white clemence 30... lol its my moms
  13. Welcom to the PF plastixemmi,
    Your a luky girl getting a birkin at your age, and its good that you appreciate the crafstmanship of hermes products!
    IMO if you know you are going to love the bag, and carry it ofter enough i'd say Why not? Also if you are deadly serious about getting one, I'd say try and become good friends with you SA and get your name on the list ASAP, as its horrendously long! lol!
    I'm 15 and would LOVE a birkin, but my mum has said that if I get one it would be my only purchase for the whole year lol, and although like yourself I appreciate hermes, I'm also a big fan of LV, Chanel and Chloe, and I know that even if I do get a Birkin, i'm still going to want my LV's etc, so I'm kinda not ready for one just yet! Maybe for my sweet 16! lol!
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    Maybe, since a lot of people come on here asking advice about acquiring birkins, we should add that kind of information to one of the stickies. That way its in one central location where people can look. :shrugs: