Thinking about getting 2 more bags before prefall, should I??

Jun 4, 2006
So after I got my fushia jumbo and before prefall starts rolling in, I have been thinking about getting two more bags but I am not sure if I should....

1) The light gold caviar GST from cruise - I did a search and didn't see any TPFer getting this bag. I really like the light gold caviar, I wish they make it in the classic flap! I tried on the GST, it looks fine on me BUT I am not sure how I feel about one strap keeps falling off, and the bag could feel bulky sometime. I am also a little worried about the bag maintaining its shape after multiple uses, I have seen pictures of older GST that look kinda slouchy, like at the corners if you know what I mean.

2) Beige claire caviar flap with gold hardware from cruise - love it ever since I saw pics of it, but I am not sure if the style and color is on the dressier side (I am a casual dresser wearing jeans all the time when I am off). And I wear a lot of darker color clothing. So I need some inspirations on how to dress casually with this bag. Another thing is that I think this particular color with gold hardware looks better in the m/l size, BUT I am not sure whether it is big enough for me. I don't carry a lot but the bag must be able to accomodate my YSL Y-mail wallet and my big sunglasses case. The inner flap certainly takes up more for those of you who have a m/l caviar flap, can you show me pics of what you can fit inside the bag? Can you fit your sunglasses in it? I have to be able to take my Chanel sunglasses with me since I live in Southern California....

Any opinions??
Jul 8, 2007
Both of these bags are lovely! If I were to have to choose between the two I would probably go with the light gold. The finish on that bag seems like it would hold up a bit better to wear. But then the flap is gorgeous too! It depends on how practical you are!