thinking about gettin my first bbag after having a dream about one...

  1. i dont remember everything about my dream except that i had a balenciaga bag in it. ive wanted one for a while but love LV and usually stick with that.

    but.....idk whether to get a first (i think might be too small but i think they look the best)

    a city (which seems to be everyones fav)

    or a twiggy...(which i like in some photos, hate in others)

    what was everyones first bbag & why did you choose it?

    i carry a speedy 30 everyday love the size, maybe something a tad smaller.
  2. Definitely do a search in the reference threads to see the different styles, colours and amounts each bag can hold. But since I am a big Speedy fan as well, I'd probably say the 30 can hold a bit more than a City as the Speedy has more interior volume space. Overall they have roughly the same capacity. I think the City is so versatile and you can wear it so many different ways.
    Good luck- once you start dreaming about it, it's all over but the handing-over of the credit card:p!
  3. I carry a LV speedy 25 and love my city Balenciagas, I love the first to but the city is a GREAT size and not to big at all. I say go for the city, GOOD LUCK with what ever you decide :smile:
  4. My first bbag was a "first". I preferred its shape over the City. It was cute and definitely fulfilled my initiation kick. However, I found that I didn't use it as much because I couldn't fit all of my daily things in it. It was relegated to being a "night" bag.

    Now I've moved on to Cities and I love them! You can always go to the City once you've experienced the classique first!
  5. I agree with the others on the city.

    It was actually my first balenciaga as well and I never had any problems with it and still don't. Its the perfect size bag. Not too big or too small and looks good when carried whichever way: handheld, on the shoulder, messenger style.

    The first and the twiggy can't all be worn in all 3 ways like the city can. The first is adorable but you will want something bigger after a while I think which is why most use the first for night's out or as a small grab and go bag.

    I have a LV speedy 30 too and can relate to the size comparisons...
  6. I think the city would hold almost as much as the speedy 30. I chose the city as my first bag because it looks stylish and can hold all the things that I normally carry. I like the first but would only use it when running short errands or at night.
  7. If Balencaiga bags are infiltrating your dreams, then you definitely need to buy one!! I say - the city:tup:. Size wise, it sounds like what you are looking for. It is my FAVORITE style and IMO the perfect choice for your first bag.
  8. my next question is there a white city every year...

    and can you only buy them by either going to new york or calling the ny number and having them charge send you one?
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong ladies but I believe bal. releases black and white every single SSN/year so its relatively easy to get one.

    Balny will do a charge send if you call them up.

    If you don't want white, there is ivory which is from their F/W collection which is a beautiful off white colour and made from a very soft leather (that's based on the one ivory brief that I saw with outstanding leather).

    Just a thought!
  10. other places besides balny sell balenciaga's - Neiman Marcus' for ex., maybe lord & taylor (?)..., etc. etc. if you do decide to call balny i'd rec. asking for kim or daphne. i ordered from kim last time and she picked out a GREAT bag - and alot of ladies on here love daphne :yes:
  11. oh really i didnt know that. thanks.
  12. No WHITE for Bal NY this FW 07 season.
  13. :smile:
    I had a dream about a Baleciaga Box that I spotted at NM the other day. LOL I guess the next step is to go get it (OH, NO!!):wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    I think a City bag will probably suite you most. Like others say, I totally agree with them that it is more versatile and practical for all occasions. You cannot go wrong with it.