Thinking About Finally Getting a Flap

  1. Hi ladies. :smile:

    I own one Chanel bag, and it's the large Cambon tote in black with black patent CC's.

    I always thought the flap bags were too old of a style for my taste, until I joined this site and started drooling over all of your pictures in the "Your Chanel in Action" thread. You ladies have awesome taste, and the flaps look absolutely fabulous on you all!

    Because of that, I've changed my mind and I think I've decided that I want to own one myself. My problem is, I have no idea what color to get.

    This will probably be my only flap bag because they're so expensive, but I want to get it before the rumored September price increase. I wear mostly blue jeans and t-shirts everyday, with sneakers. I don't wear dresses or skirts often, I'm a plus size and they don't fit me right.

    What color do you think would be a good, versatile one to get? I was thinking about black, but I don't know how well black would look with dark blue jeans and dark shirts. I'd be afraid of white because I wouldn't want to ruin it.

    I know I prefer the classic flap (at least I believe that's what they're called) and not the reissue style, and I don't want the new chain, I'd want the old style with the leather running through it.

    What do you ladies think? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I think Black is always classic and goes with everything! What about a black jumbo classic?
  3. jumbo classic sounds nice! in black of course
  4. i think the jumbo caviar w/ interwoven silver hardware would go nicely with your casual clothes :smile:
  5. Def jumbo black w/ silver h/w. You can't go wrong with that color espec when it will be your only flap. It would still look great with blue jeans.
  6. agree with the rest of the ladies.....classic and great with EVERYTHING!
  7. PS...It will run you $2250 plus tax.
  8. Go for the black w/ silver hardware. It can be dressed up or down relatively easily
  9. good question. I say a cute color in a e/w style except you can't find them anywhere unless there perforated. :tdown: So my next choice is a medium black caviar.
  10. Black Jumbo or Medium/Large caviar flap with silver hardware. =)
  11. I have the same feelings as yous. After I joined this forum, I bought a flap last week. But yesterday, I returned it.

    Still ...the flaps are too old and heavy for me. But they look gorgeous.

  12. I'm young and not working yet but I purchased the Jumbo flap last year. I got it in black and of all my bags it's one of those that I rarely use as I am still at uni. It was my most expensive bag then and I was tempted to go for the white. That being said I went with the Jumbo caviar flap in black cos I know that in the future it will be the most practical. As the other ladies said, black is classic and IMO even if it doesn't go with your clothes now, it will probably last the longest fashion wise. Hope that made sense, I've never been good with words.
  13. beige is also a popular choice and looks gorgeous with gold hardware.

    White won't be hard to maintain if you get caviar leather. I vote for white caviar!
  14. I have quite a few jumbo chanel flaps and wear my black xl jumbo all the time. It's my go-to bag when I wear jeans. it adds a classiness to a very casual look. I have both silver and gold hardware but tend to wear gold jewelry more so use the gold hardware more.

    But I think silver h/w would definitely update the bag and keep it from looking too classy (if that's possible!)
  15. I totally understand your feelings! I wasn't into the flaps at first, but than I joined this forum and I have been going back and forth on what I want. I just can't decide. I know if I got one I'd want either black or red and defnately with the silver. The silver does look much younger.

    With the price increase they are quite a bit more, so I've held off because i think I want it but I am not in love with it yet. Does that make sense?

    So my advice is, don't get it just because everyone else looks great with them. I'd wait until you are really in love with them. Its so much more fun and exciting to get something you are just dying too have.