Thinking about exchanging Galliera PM for GM?

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  1. Well I just got the Galliera PM and I like the size of it just not so sure on how it looks on me! I am 5'11 and plus size and I feel like the GM would of suited me better but the hubby said noo it looks too big, but when I wear the PM I feel like I ingulp the bag IDK.. uhh what would you gals do? Any plus size girls here wear the Galliera PM? If so any pictures would be appreciated.
    Do you feel that the GM is too big for an everyday bag? thanks :smile:
  2. I don't think the GM is too big if YOU like it.

    WTS, the PM is pretty large for a 'petite model', and I personally think that the GM is huge. However, Ashley Tisdale wears the GM, and somehow, it looks great. Why not take pics of you trying on the bag, the next time that you're at LV, and compare them or post them here?
  3. If you're not happy with the PM size exchange it for the GM. GL on your decision!
  4. Go for the GM! I love big bags and at 5'11" I definitely feel like you have the stature to pull it off.
  5. I think you should go for the GM since that's the size you prefer
  6. Im 5'3 and plus sized, i tried on both the PM and GM.. and felt the PM was too small, and just didnt look right, my mom also agreed! i bought the GM and am very happy with my decision!

    i say exchange for the GM, you'll be much happier!
  7. I think you need to take it back and exchange it for an Artsy GM! You know you want to! :graucho:
  8. Lol that thought crossed my mind just worried about the strap digging into my side. Would you say the galliera pm and totally mm are about the same size ?
  9. I don't know about the Totally. I haven't seen that one in person. But here is a sort of comparison of the Galliera and Artsy.

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  10. Iam 5ft and I just ordered the PM the rep at LV told me that he thought the GM would totaly overpower me
  11. I have the Galliera GM and just got the Artsy MM, what strap would dig into your side? the Artsy is now my favorite(maybe because it is new) the Galliera I absolutely love in the GM size! I am average size but love the look of oversize bags! get the GM:graucho:
  12. so artsy or galliera??

    some more artsy convincing pictures would be lovely! lol
  13. I meant the canvas cuz its like rite up ur armpit! when I tried it on.. but I LOVE the organization
  14. pursekindagal, "look into my eyes, the eyes, the WANT the NEED the Artsy..."
  15. LMAO!!

    post some pictures