Thinking about doing grad school in England

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  1. I live in the US, and I've always wanted to travel more. My family goes to Canada every summer, and I've been to England and Scotland, but I want to see more of the world on my own. I also want to go to grad school, so I was thinking of perhaps combining my desires and going to grad school in England.

    Does anyone have any tips or advice? Has anyone here done this?
    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. It all depends what you want to do. Grad school is VERY different in England as compared to the US. For example, I am in psychology and I basically got paid to get my PhD, whereas my friend in the UK has to compete heavily to get funding, etc.

    Note, that grad school is a LOT of work....doesn't leave a lot of time for traveling. In 4 years of grad school I went on two vacations.
  3. I was a lot like you and I loved the UK so after college ended up going to grad school in Scotland on a Rotary Foundation scholarship. It was by far one of the best experiences of my life-- and the Rotary is such an amazing organization, they encouraged not only studying but traveling around a lot while you're there. If you're awarded the scholarship, then you can choose your top 5 universities-- anywhere in the world-- and as long as you're accepted by admissions, the Rotary will send you there. One of my best friends received the same scholarship the next year and she was all set to go to Wales, then some glitch happened with admissions and she ended up in Sydney Australia. She has an amazing experience as well.

    I would definitely recommend something like that to anyone. I went right after undergrad but I know the Rotary scholarship is not based on age, so you could do it whenever.

    Good luck! :flowers:
  4. You can always combine traveling with conferences, that's what a lot of my friends do!
  5. What field are you looking to go into after you go to grad school? Degrees at certain schools are valued more than others. It also depends where you want to work after you graduate, because your degree might be more valuable in the EU than in the U.S. For instance, I was thinking about apping for an MBA at Oxford but the school isn't very reputable in the US and its ranking is low compared to other top tier schools. I also studied abroad there during my undergrad and literally had no time to travel. I spent most of my time in the libraries and writing papers for my tutorials. I would imagine graduate school would be alot more rigorous, but you should also research what type of curriculum you expect to face.
  6. I agree Sonya!!! I've been able to see a lot of the US and two trips to London and one to Stockholm. All paid for by school/work. This year I have Montreal and San Antonio (possibly San Diego)....all paid for :smile:
  7. I am looking to study English or politics, so I don't think getting my degree in England would make it much harder to find a job. I am not sure where I want to live. That is part of the problem. Perhaps I will fall in love with England and want to stay there. I certainly loved it last time. :smile:
  8. OP, for what its worth, it was accepted to the London School of Economics to study political sociology. It was a dream field and a dream school. Despite not getting my visa in time the first year, I planned to go the following year but decided it would be too expensive and I was worried that there would not be enough networking opportunities.

    In hindsight, it probably would have cost the same for one year in London as it has for two years here in the US. I have my masters and cannot find a job in higher education administration.

    I will always regret not going, though I believe everything happens for a reason and when my dad was sick, I was here to help my family and him get through it.

    Not advice or anything, but just sharing my story. England is great, I was accepted to other places there as well. Best of luck with whatever you decide.
  9. I'm applying for postrgaduate degree to london for next year :tup: couldn't be more excited!