Thinking about different colors for bottoms?


Jul 8, 2008
Euridice's patent bottom on her whiskey Ormala got me thinking about the possibilities of changing the bottom color on my raspberry Mini Ormala that I ordered. I need your opinions on this because I have some concerns!

First is that I seem to have made a Rebecca Minkoff knockoff with the colors in my head. I went with gold metallic on raspberry suede lining for my bag, and I thought it would be cute to do a gold bottom to match. When I looked at the pics of the lookbook, it seems that cracked gold is the only gold that is structured. I liked some of the other golds, but they were all very supple or soft. I realized though, that cracked gold is what RM does with some of her bags! I love the combo, but do you think that I might look ridiculous "copying" that style? Attached is a Luna Boston pic of an RM gold crackle bottom.

Second is that I got the raspberry leather, and I wasn't sure if I should take away from the beauty of this leather by going with such a "loud" bottom leather. Thoughts on this? I noticed that Euridice said that it's so subtle that she can't even really see it when looking at her Ormala from the side, but I wasn't sure about how it would translate on mine. I like the idea of having a fun color to go peek through every once in a while.

Thanks, everyone!


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Feb 25, 2008
What a fun thing to do! I think it has potential for a spectacular bag!

A whole new train of thought has been sparked by this idea. . . hmmm. . .

There's a cracked silver & a cracked bronze that are structured, too. Oohh, cracked bronze on a bottom would be very cool also. . .

You have awesome ideas there, royalwink! :yes: