Thinking about color

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  1. Up to this point, my only Chanels have been in black and ivory. I know, boring, but when I'm spending this much for a bag, I like to know that I will get as much use out of it as possible. I am considering getting a tote in red as a transition to color and need some suggestions. Can anyone recommend a tote that is available now or will be for Spring/Summer in red? Do you think red is a good choice? Any pros/cons and recommendations would be great! Also, I know a lot of people love the GST, but it is not for me. I have tried it on several times hoping to like it because I think it is very functional and like the look of it, but it is too boxy for me. I am a mom with 22-month old twins so functionality and durability (i.e., no lambskin) are key! Thanks!

  2. hi jennifer! have you given thoughts about the On The Road tote? Kai's recent review totally changed my mind about it! amazing! i luv the color she got. gray w/ taupe undertones, easy to match, can be worn all-year round. the red might be cute too! only seen pics from SA's, though.
  3. Yes! I agree with purse-nality! Check out the On the Road totes. I totally thought "mommy bag" when I saw my grey medium tote. :P I am not a mom (yet!) but I know I will be able to use it when I am.

    They have the tote in blue, purple, coral (red?), black and grey, which is my fave. Good luck and let us know what you get!
  4. Thanks for the recommendations. That is one of the bags I am planning to try on. I also need to see the colors in person. I don't think I like the shade of red on this bag, it is more of a coral. Maybe navy or the gray Kai posted, which looks like a good neutral.

  5. 10CRed or Blue GST.