Thinking about Chloe "it" bags

  1. Hi everyone -

    Was just browsing NM's Chloe section online and was wondering why some Chloe bags take off and become the hard-to-find "it" bags (Paddy, Edith) with huge waitlists and teeny shipments vs. others. Thoughts?

    Going off now to have a margarita (Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!)
  2. I guess it's like anything, they have something about them that celebrity stylists like and then other people see the celebrity carrying them and so they want them too.....and so on.

    Personally, I never follow celebrities, but I also don't refuse to wear/carry something just because a celebrity has. I just like what I like! :biggrin:
  3. Sometimes, I think the masses just follow the hype. I agree with chloehandbags though. I don't care where/what the hype is. I would actually prefer if the celebrities didnt' carry the bags that I wanted, it'd make it a heck of a lot easier to find! And as far as stylists, I prefer my own style, but that doesn't mean that I don't like to look either. :smile:
  4. A lot of it has to do with publicity, magazine marketing, stylist hype, and celebrities. Some of the "it" bags that come out (not just Chloe, but others) are not that attractive or practical. For example, I loved the Paddington, but the Edith does nothing for me. It's amazing what a little media can do!
  5. hee.. oh the media... i started liking the paddy cuz of well.. that cute padlock! i love bags with .. something about them, some detail or feature thats cute and different. thus i love the paddy for its crazy lock (and other bags i love/have for their eccentric/different features). On top of which I always seem to get something "different" in this case, i got thepaddy in antrhacite (metallic dark silver). course i'm a bit of a nut anyways!
  6. i think the media is too powerful at times then u get celebrities carrying thing u know, it's indeed a hot commodity..