Thinking about buying my first LV!

  1. I'm totally brand new to LV as I have never really taken a liking to many of the LV bag styles. It just seems as though everybody has them everywhere i go. Especially the Speedy 30's! (Not only that, but the price tag just makes me feel guilty!) I have more then enough cash from my two summer jobs but i hate spending it! However, I've taken a serious liking to the new Neverfull MM! :tup:

    I was wondering how all of you MM owners like the bag itself? Also, I heard there are some problems like bleeding, etc. Have any of use encountered this issue?
  2. My boyfriend got me a neverfull gm today, its super cute! I think the mm is also a good size because honestly i think the gm is super big even though i got it.
  3. Thanks poonski! Although I am tall I think the GM is even too big for me! I tried on the MM and loved the size of it. Especially since I will probably be using it for school too, it would be the perfect size.
  4. I got the MM & I love it. I use it everyday. I find it to be very comfy & you can fit a ton in it. As far as the bleeding goes, I had one small spot when I first got the bag because I wore the sides cinched. Since then I haven't worn the bag cinched & have had no problems. I say get'll love it!
  5. It's a great bag. I think you'd love it.
  6. I think that would make a great first LV :tup:
  7. Hope you decide to get's always exciting to get your first LV !!!!!
  8. You will love this bag!!!!!!
  9. I felt the smae way you do but in Jan I bought a mono 30 speedy...I love teh bag and don't want to put it down except on the days when I use my Neverfull (I have the large one). Both bags rock and I am totally hooked on LV now...
  10. It would make a perfect first LV
  11. I was also thinking of buying my first LV (so this post was absolutely perfect!)...however, in addition to the Neverfull MM, I was considering the Damier Azur Speedy 30....I think the Damier Azur print is absolutely adorable, but you really have to consider the fact that white shows dirt much easier, and it may look odd to wear it in the winter. Whereas the Neverfull is super cute, but there's no zipper on the top, which makes me a bit paranoid that things may drop out...between the two, which would you guys suggest?

    (Hope you don't mind me piggybacking off your post, flowinq!)
  12. I think I will be picking up the Neverfull this week or next! I'm pretty much sold on it now and I feel like it will be a bag i will use ALL the time. Thanks for everyones imput! I will post pictures as soon as i get it! im so excited!

    LilTiffany, no problem! I like the Damier Azur also but i just dont like the fact of the white (and getting dirty) also. I'm not the most careful with my bags and I think it wouldn't work for me. But the print is adorable!
  13. awesome! dont forget to post piccys :biggrin:
  14. woww.....i also thinking to buy myself a second lv....neverfull mm is my first the way, wats the price in california
  15. Jotang, are you talking about the price of the neverfull mm in california? its the same price as on eluxury $620 + tax :smile: