Thinking about buying my first Hermes

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  1. Hi guys
    Im Thinking about buying my first Hermes handbag:yes:
    I was wondering what anyone would suggest as I don't have a clue about them :shrugs:
    I seen a lady in Harrods a few days ago with what looked like a small Birkin...Do Hermes Make these?:shrugs:
  2. Hello, RBB...:smile: Hermes makes a 25 cm wide's approx 10 inches wide and, I think, 5 inches deep, front to back.

    Did you like this size/style, from what you could see of it?

    Hermes makes many great styles including, of course, the Birkin. If you look through the threads, such as Ode to the Bolide, or Ode to the Kelly, etc as well as do a search on Evelyne (shoulder strap ) or Picotin ( small hand held ) you will come up with some suggestions to get you started.
  3. Yeah I am excited for you. I still get a tingle in my tummy when I look at my first Kelly...What a great feeling:heart:
  4. Welcome to H!!
    I think a Kelly in maybe, a 28cm size makes a wonderful first H bag. If you want something less expensive, the Trim, Evelyne and Bolide are classic, easy to use and gorgeous!
  5. Congrats on you desicion! Even thought I have yet to purchase a Hermes bag (I'm only 15, nearly 16, lol) I cannot wait for they day I do!
    Hermes smallest birkin is a 25cm, wich by the sounds of it is most probably what you saw the lady carrying in Harrods.
    For you first Hermes purchase I would suggest maybe like Greentea says a Kelly? You can find lots of fabulous pics and info in the Hermes informative catalouge, that should help you determine you choice of fabulous first Hermes bag!
  6. It really depends a lot on your personal taste! Maybe you could look around the picture threads to find what suits you best, but personally, I'd go with a neutral coloured Kelly so I could wear it lots.