thinking about buying my first BV <green hobo> opinions???

  1. I'm thinking about buying this Azzardo (green) hobo that you've probably all seen posted on NM and BG sites for a while now. I always figured that my first BV would be the traditional Veneta hobo in Ebano :heart:. But green is my all-time favorite color, and I'm thinking that the color of this bag below is seasonal and may not be around for long this fall, while the Ebano Veneta is a classic that I can buy at any time. (And I WOULD still buy the Veneta at some point in the future. :tup:)

    So my questions are, have any of you BV ladies purchased this green hobo or seen it IRL? Is the color in the pic pretty accurate? Any pluses/minuses that you can think of?

    I'm a 41-year-old :push: professional working woman, and I usually prefer structured hand-carried satchels, rather than slouchy hobos. (Someday, I hope to have a green--vert fonce--Birkin! :graucho:) But perhaps I need to mix up my bag collection a bit, right? It's really the color of this hobo that is most attacting me. Still, I think I could work it into my wardrobe. Plus, the pricetag ($1480) is very reasonable by today's standards.

    TIA for any help/advice you can offer. :flowers:

    BV green hobo.JPG
  2. What a pretty green! Personally for a first BV I may go with something more classic like the veneta, ball or campana. But if you really love this bag, go for it!
  3. I think the color is pretty and it's a little bit less casual than the veneta while still being slouchy.
  4. Is this deerskin? It shows off the color so good, a deep forresty green. It`s not one of the classic BV shapes, but that doesn`t mean at all that the bag itself isn`t classic. With a twist, indeed!
  5. I like this bag and I like the color. But, I thought that someone had posted that this bag did not work for them because it does not close (no snap), so it tends to hang open.
  6. Nice bag. I don't know about that bag but I remember seeing some special edition bags at the BV boutique that looked similar in color. I remember falling in love with that color. I say get what appeals to you.
  7. Get it as long as you like it! Cuz most of the time, its practicality vs 'looking pretty'. Trust me, if you don't get the 'love-at-first-sight-I-so-wanna-get-it, you will not be happened to me..and I ended up getting 2 instead..*feel so stupid* :wacko:
  8. It is deerskin and a lovely bag. I had one in another color. Green is really a neutral if you think about all the green in nature. I have not seen this color IRL. If you love it, that's all that matters. This bag holds a lot!
  9. Thanks everybody so much for your opinions and advice! :yes:

    As I said, green is my favorite color, and I can tell you that great green bags don't come along very often. I'm leaning toward getting this. I was really hoping, though, that somebody had already seen it IRL, because in some pics, the shade of green looks much brighter/brasher, and that's not what I want. (I'm OK with the top being open. Its true that there is no snap.)

    To be completely up front, I'm also considering getting one of the Chanel Bubble Quilt bags in green, which are about $1,000 more than this bag. But I'm also thinking that I could buy this BV now, and wait until spring, when Chanel is due to come out with a dark green reissue... :graucho:

    Boxerman, I know that you're a real BV veteran, may I ask why you no longer own the bag?
  10. Here's another "modeling pic" of the bag (in a different color) from NAP...

    BV from NAP.jpg
  11. the bag looks so soft! i love deerskin on BV and it feels great against your skin. i think green is an awesome color to match outfits that are neutural. i esp. love the handle. i say go for it!
  12. That is gorgeous! Love the lush green...
  13. Lovely bag, if you love it go for it. I shouldn't imagine that the colour of this bag will be brash, as it looks like a very army green to me. The chanel bubble quilt green is TDF, but the bubble quilt is a lot more delicate IMO than this deerskin bag. I'm sure the reissue will also be a lovely green...Oh I'm not helping at all am I???
  14. No, lol!!!!! :p

    I've been going back and forth on the green Chanel bubble quilt. For that price ($2,500 and up), I need to REALLY love it to buy it. The color is TDF, but I generally prefer structured Chanel bags.

    So, I *think* my plan is this: Buy the pretty green BV hobo now to satisfy my immediate urge for a new green bag. Then wait until spring and buy the dark green Chanel reissue!!!
  15. It does look like a nice rich green. Love the shape. And the braided handle (just like the Cocker's). I say go for it!