Thinking about buying my first bbag...

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  1. I've been admiring Balenciaga bags since Nicole Richie was using them in 2006. I've never quite made the plunge because I am a bit intimidated by the brand-- so many choices for styles and leathers to choose from. I generally stick to LV due to durability but I have been lucky enough to purchase everything I want from that brand for the time being.

    What are some tips for a first time bbag buyer? I was looking at fashionphile and saw some reasonably priced gently used bags. Would you recommend buying new or are good deals to be found used? I'm scared of buying a fake,

    I like the velo and the city styles and was thinking about a grey or black (even though I adore the brighter coloured bags!).

    Any advice for a first time buyer is welcomed :smile:
  2. I will always recommend a black city with regular hardware or a black/dark blue metallic edge with pale gold hardware :heart:
  3. First of all I would suggest looking at some of the various threads regarding size and use of the bags you've mentioned. The Velo and the City are very you want cross body? How large a bag do you need? Look at the different types of hardware, what appeals to you?

    There are great pre-loved bags on the market, all of mine are pre-loved. You can ask the very knowledgeable ladies on the "authenticate this" thread to give you their opinions regarding authenticity, but please be sure to read the first post on the thread, which will tell you the correct photos to submit.

    Here's a link with some very sound basic info for you...welcome to Bal world!
  4. Excellent advice by tatayap and muchstuff...I would add that it would be ideal if you could see/hold/touch them irl first; to get a sense of what works for you and your lifestyle/body/height before buying. Good luck deciding and you can't go wrong with a City, imo. :heart:
  5. as someone who is very impulsive...i just took the plunge. i bought a Work off of fashionphile!!!!