Thinking About Buying an I-pod- Need Input ASAP!!

  1. Hey guys. I've been thinking, and I realized that one of the reasons that I spend so much of my freetime on the computer is because I'm always on YouTube so that I can listen to MUSIC videos! I figure that I can still have a life and listen to music at the same time if I get an I-pod! That way I won't have to tune into a computer to listen to all the addicting tunes that I want! Money is not an object in this case, because I figure that if I'm going to go out and get an I-pod, I might as well get the best thing that's out there on the market right now! But I have no idea where to go from here. My friend has one of those I-pods that's got a flat screen, and it's TINY, which makes it seem easier to get stolen, but it also seems so much more accessible. Thoughts?

    I popped into the I-pod store at a local mall last night and it was so overwhelming; I didn't know where to start looking. I need some ideas from some tech-savvy ladies! Give me an idea of something that's easily accessible- I plan on hooking it up to a cassette in my car, it's one of those casettes that's specifically made to connect to I-pods so that you can listen to the them via car! Also, couldn't you connect the I-pod to the cigarette lighter plug as well? Sorry if I seem so uninformed lol. I just decided to get with the program and get me one of these babies! I'd love to hear what you guys have to say!!

    Also, what's the most sufficient way to download music? Is it extremely expensive? I have seriously, not joking at all, like 1000+ songs that I want to upload, and I have a friend who has around 3000. I asked her how she could afford such a wide range of songs and she said that she downloads illegally on Limewire. :yucky: Is that the only way to afford a plentiful amount of songs to upload though? I'd hate to spend a ton of money on an I-pod only to find out that I can only afford to upload 20 songs.

    I apologize in advance because I know that all of my questions in this post seem like a bit much to swallow at once, but I'm really urgent to know a bit about the matter, because I plan on getting one soon. So let me know what you know! :p Take care girls. :supacool:
  2. I have 2500 songs and I have downloaded about 150 from Itunes , the songs and $.99 , the rest I have are from CDs I own
    You can get a car adapter that pulgs in to you cigeratte lighter
    I have and 80 gig one , I have about half of the space used , the music doesnot take up that much space , I have about 100 tv shows too
    I would get the biggest one you can afford
    hope it helps
  3. Okay here is my secret. I download from JJB is an awesomeeee forum and they have this one subforum called Media Central (you can only access it if you are registered). Members upload songs to and other similar sites and then you can download them from there. Sendspace (there's also Rapidshare and Megaupload) are sites used to send attachments, pictures, and other files that are too big to send through email. The site will just give you a handy link to download from.

    Well anyways yeah..JJB's Media Central has pages upon pages of free albums, free songs, free soundtracks...check it out! Usually there is Membership by Approval but I think they took it down for now.

    As for which iPod you should get...I would get the one with a medium-to-large amount of storage..a regular iPod. IMO the Nanos and Touches and what not have such a small about of GBs available that it's not worth it.
  4. i certainly hope you're not encouraging people to steal others' intellectual property.
  5. If you do not want to download from a free site then you could ask a friend to burn a DVD (it holds more songs) from their song library. I won't download free songs, but my friend is a DJ and he gave me 1,000. songs on a DVD. The other tunes came from itunes @ .99 a pop. I use itunes for all the new stuff. Good luck. It's addicting.
  6. Check out if you want alot of info about ipods. It is a forum for people who have an ipod or are interested in buying one. It has a downloadable guide to help you decide what ipod to get. You don't have to register to read and download all the info. It also has a thread there that list a whole lot of places you can get music from for free and it is legal. Also is a sight where songs are sold at 33 cents each. You get 25 free when you sign up. They are in mp3 format so they are compatible with ipod. I hope I don't sound to geeky but i have been doing a lot of research on this topic since I thinking of upgrading to a new ipod.
  7. I love my 80GB. The ipod Touch is just too little memory and it's so expensive, you can get an 80GB ipod classic cheaper! I have 12,000 songs and about 20 TV shows on mine so far and still at least 4,000 more songs can fit on it! I also have the car dock that you plug into your cigarette lighter and tune the radio station, so I listen to it in my car constantly. My mom's new BMW has a feature where you can plug the ipod right into the dash!
  8. Thank you guys so much for your input so far! I totally and completely appreciate it as it is greatly needed and useful! :]

    Another question, on your I-pod, is there any way to organize your playlist? Because my friend with the 3000 songs that I mentioned in my earlier post above, she was playing her i-pod in her minicooper one day and I noticed that each time she switched songs it would be completely random, like one song with one artist, then another song with a different band, and then another song with the artist from the first song that I mentioned. That would get CONFUSING. So I'm hoping that the I-pod will automatically organize songs into a certain category every time that you upload a song so that you wouldn't have to do it manually which would be quite sucky and time consuming. Anyone have an answer? Inquiring minds want to know...
  9. The music on your ipod is organized. It has the categories of music, video, photo, ... etc. There is also the category called "shuffle songs". The ipod will randomly select songs on your ipod to play when you choose "shuffle songs". Or your friend could be making her own playlist through itunes.
  10. One thing about the listening to your iPod in your car. I've experienced two types of hookups. One where a cord comes out of your radio and you can plug the iPod directly into it. My DH has this on his radio and the sound is excellant, just like a CD or listening to the iPod through the headphones.

    The other way is a jack that plugs into your car lighter, you tune your radio to a range of "non-stations" and then the radio picks up what is playing on your iPod. I borrowed this setup from a co-worker to try out. It sucked in my car. There was always a background hiss from the radio being on a "non-station". I was really glad I borrowed the set up because they cost $50-90 and I wouldn't have wanted to waste my money.
  11. A quick word: if you're going to buy as nice an Ipod as you can, I might wait... the new ipod touch is great in that unlike other ipods it gets the internet etc, but right now the first model doesn't hold enough songs to really make it worth the money. I'm sure in a month or two they'll come out with a better one, so I'd recommend waiting. Alternatively you can buy a regular ipod for just songs, movies, etc. and it will have tons of space for plenty of songs, but I really think the ipod touch will be a better player, if you don't mind waiting a bit.
  12. MyLuckyCharm,

    Do you have CDs? You can transfer all your CDs to the iPod as well.

    You won't believe how easy it is once you get started..iTunes just makes it practically a "no brainer." It's really slick, and yes, the iPod organizes your songs for you. You can view songs by Album, by Artist, or an alphabetical listing of all your songs by song title. You can also set up your own playlists on iTunes with a mix of songs, and iTunes will download those playlists to your iPod.

    The way Apple has made iTunes and the iPod so user-friendly is why it is still the most popular mp3 player.
  13. That's called an auxillary jack. It works fantastic and most new cars have one so instead of spending like you said $50-90 dollars, the AUX jacks cords are only about $4-9. :biggrin: And like you said, they have better sound quality and are a better bang for your buck :yes:
  14. You should go ahead and download iTunes prior to getting an iPod, then you can see how easy it is to load and categorize your music into playlists.

    As for automobile interfaces, you have three options:

    • Audio jack - This is optimal, but not every car has an input in the stereo. Mine does, it was one of the main reasons I purchased this car.
    • Cassette interface - This is almost as good as the audio jack, but most cars no longer have cassette players, and not every cassette player will take one of these adapters.
    • FM transmitter - this is the worst option, but better than nothing if you can't use the other two options. You use it by choosing an open frequency on your radio (e.g., FM 88.5) and setting the matching frequency on the transmitter (which plugs into the iPod). This works reasonably well if you live in an area that does not have a lot of stations, but if you live in a large city you will get a lot of static/dropouts since the radio station signals are so strong and tend to overlap frequencies.
  15. I love my 80g IPod Classic, Touch have sweet features but the current memory, 8gb * 16 gb is too small for its capabilities.