Thinking about buying a SPY BAG, too big???

  1. Im thinking about buying a fendi spy bag for the fall. I am petite, 5"1 about 104 lbs

    Do you all think it will be too big for me? I dont want to be swamped ... lol any suggestions would be much appreciated :yes:

    also suggestions on color? I was thinking black any other opinion on what color will match my black hair and brown eyes =)

    have a good day girls!!
  2. You might want to consider a Baby Spy, they are a lot bigger than they look & hold a lot and they are a well balanced, easy handling bag. Here is a link to baby spy thread:

    In addition to black, chocolate (moro) is a good choice. It is a very dark almost black brown color.
  3. Baby spys rock!!!
  4. im 5'2 and small, and the spy is perfect size. Then again, i like my bags on the bigger side, but I find the size to be perfect.
  5. I am five feet tall and my Spy is one of my biggest bags - love it!
  6. I am 5' 2" and the regular spy bag is perfect for me. Carry her with confident when you decide to buy one! You should feel good when you carry the bag you love! And black is classic and it will go with anything! Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  7. My daughter who is only 5 feet tall carried my Tribal spy for a few look great with her and she received so many compliments... so many that I took my bag back before she could claim it as her own...However she does have the Baulotto spy which looks good with her and she receives compliments whenever she carries the bag...If you are close to store or boutique which carries Fendi go in and try them both and see which you like better, if you still can't decide walk around in the section with each of them.. others will tell you what they think... Good luck with the bag search and let us know what you decide..
  8. i don't think it will be too large. in my opinion, those with colours which accentuates the "bubbliness" of the spy are best... :tup:

    honey, cherry, petrol, green, bimetal
  9. saw a girl in the subway the other day with a spy [she was probably around 5'3ish and uber skinny] and it looked terrific on her.

    Definitely go to a store and see for yourself though! I went to Bergdorf's and the sa let me pet one for a few minutes
  10. I'm 5'3'', 98lbs, and I love my regular (not baby) spy. It' probably on the larger end of what I would feel comfortable carrying, but I love it and gets lots of compliments. Go for it!
  11. I am interested in a baby spy and was wonering if anyone knows what colors are available other than black, chocolate, cognac, and zucca. I spoke a SA who said "canrad" (or something like that) is a blue/green color. Does anyone know or have a pic of it, TIA.
  12. petrol (blue/green or teal), blueberry (navy), honey, white...ok actually let me find you the link where you can see all the colors.

    ehh? I can't seem to find the link for the list of babies:confused1: Sorry..but I think they made babies in pretty much all the colors of regular spies, the only ones I haven't seen are bimetals, squirrels, beaded and special limited edition ones. Here's a list of spys
  13. Thanks kneehighz!

    A fendi SA from Hawaii emailed me pis of this "canrad" color which I know I am spelling wrong.

    I just dont know what it looks like in person, any ideas? Do you think this is petrol?
  14. try the fendi baulotto spy instead!!! its a miniature Spy, the design is slightly different tho. Its about the size of a LV speedy 25. But the reg spy looks good on petite girls too~!

    heres a pic of it from the thread: [​IMG]
  15. Hi babe, I'm also the same height as u and I think the spy bag size still looks great. Unless you're not used to heavy bags as one of my friends took my bag and commented on the weight of it (with my stuff in it, not a lot though) but I thought it was alright.