Thinking about buying a coral mini flap

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  1. What did they retail for?

    I know I am supposed to be saving for an east west but i want a new chanel nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww waaa:yahoo:
  2. ahh! that is sooo darling! i was eyeing that too! i would totally get that!
  3. ohhhh its gorgeous,,,you will be sorry if you don't get it..price is perfect too
  4. you think that is a good price, what was retail??
  5. i bought it for SGDD1850, not sure how to convert...
  6. ^^

    that is roughly $1207USD
  7. wow that is a good deal then woo thanks
  8. yeap i just bid on that hope i win it girls im gonna get that or the other one
  9. haha wooooooowowow my bank account just took a hit i pushed bin on the baby i cant wait to get it!!
  10. ^ CONGRATS! :heart: :heart: :heart: I was eyeing that bag too! But glad it went to a Pfer! I couldn't get myself to BIN because I am on a ban til I save up enough cash for my first CHANEL!
  11. oh, forgot to mention! Can u post pics of u wearing it when u get it?? so I can admire it even more! :p
  12. oh yes i will when i get it, i really should not have bought it but hey it was too much of a deal to pass up
  13. omg! love that bag!!!