thinking about bags. input needed please 8)

  1. Hi guys 8) Im newish to the whole chanel forum (i usually have a louis on my arm. LOL)
    Ive decided to come over here cause I just really want a Chanel. I have been going to the store and Neiman Marcus everyweekend looking at bags. 8) bhaha.

    at Neimans they have a large patent black on black tote, which is growing on me. I do like it, but what i really love is the white on black :love:
    At the Chanel store, they have a mini flap in Caviar leather and some other things, and a coral-ish colored medallion tote (which is so pretty)

    I was wondering...

    1. If the large Cambon tote is too big for me (Im 4 foot 11 in.)
    2. Is the White on Black or the Patent Black on Black better for me?
    3. Is the mini flap an okay size?
    4. Im pretty sure that the medallion tote is too old-looking for me, but I wanted to just check
    5. Do they have any flaps in a hot pink color? Ive been looking at the Referance thread and asked the SA at Chanel and she said that they discontinued the color.
  2. i think there will be a hot pink coming soon. I personally would pass on 1&2. I like the mini but it is small. it is good for night or i guess in the day depending on what you need to carry. I also like the medallion tote. this is just my opinion. i have seen others i have like more than the ones you listed.
  3. btw im 13
  4. The Cambon line is more for young people (but I think if you love it, who cares!) If you're 13, then the Cambon is very appropriate, and I what you love. Because it's your money, and you're going to be wearing it. I too love the Cambon and am about to buy a bowler! Hehe. :graucho:
  5. Well I'm pretty young, and I am the same height as you. I have the pink and black cambon bowler. I totally :heart: it, but I will say, that it does look big on me. It doesn't really matter to me much though because I like big bags. My friend is two or three inches taller than you, and she has the medium sized black and white cambon tote and the size is perfect on her.
  6. is the white on black still availible?
  7. I would also say the Cambon tote is most age-appropriate for you. Not sure about the color availability but I guess you could try calling around.. or would the Chanel 800 # help?
  8. I agree. I know that a few of the colors are discontinued, but I am not sure which ones. My best advice would be to call.
  9. eek. im still stuck 8(
  10. I actually think the mini flap would look adorable on you. I'm a lot older than you and I have a mini flap that I mostly use for evenings, but it would be very age appropriate for you as a day bag too. It can be worn across the body - and would be perfect for your height and size.

    I also have the large cambon tote which I love and use it for toting around a lot of stuff. But unfortunately I see too many younger girls carrying fake cambons around. It would be refreshing to see a younger girl with the mini flap. You'd definitely make a classy statement at such a young age.
  11. ^thanks for the input 8)

    the mini flap is adorable, but i may need to lug more around
  12. Okay, on my take for your questions:

    1. I don't think the large cambon tote would be TOO big for you... As I've seen many petite women carry big bags, and I like the look of it. -and IMHO, the cambon tote doesn't look too overwhelming (e.g. vs. something like an LV neverfull GM) -by the way, you could always get the smaller size if you question the large

    2. I like BOTH the white on black, and black on black -but like others have mentioned, the white on black is a style/color combo that has been infamous on FAKES. And the black on black is discreet and a bit different, so maybe this would be a better choice, since its available anyways? -If you're still lusting for the white/black, you should call around -I always hear one or two ppl saying they've spotted one in the store somewhere

    3. Mini flaps are very stylish, but unless you tend to carry a light load, not extremely practical for everyday use.

    4. IMHO, I don't think the Medallion would be too old... I think it's a classic bag, and that's all the better. You will just look like someone who is sophisticated and stylish. People tend to have this misconception that classic = old lady-ish/old styled. -Besides, you will still have it for many years to come and it won't look the least bit dated.

    5. Chanel tends to change their shades of pink during the seasons when they offer it. But the hot pink is not a shade that they offer now... it's older, I would wait for this color as they tend to bring back certain colors (or perhaps you could look up eBay every now and then if you really NEED it)

    HTH! Sorry if it's wordy... I just wished I had someone to get some input from when I was younger in the bag game :yes: -Good luck!
  13. wow wow wow

    yur post was REALLY helpful! thanks for the help!!
  14. How about an east west flap?
  15. ^^ they are beautiful 8)

    im gonna go to the chanel store and look tomorrow. hopefully ill have some more thought to it 8)

    keep on posting :]