Thinking about adding a mini belt bag to my handbag collection

  1. I am completely new to Celine... and am seriously considering the Mini Belt Bag for my next handbag purchase. These are the bags that I currently own:
    LV Monogram Speedy 25
    LV Monogram Neverfull MM
    Givenchy Small Charcoal Pandora
    Chanel Black Caviar Quilted Mini flap w/ gold hardware
    Goyard St. Louis PM in black

    I'm thinking that the Mini Belt Bag would be the perfect addition to my small collection of handbags... what do you guys think?

    I have gone in to my local Celine boutique to try on the bag--I really like the size of the bag and the shoulder strap. I've checked out the closure (as I read that a lot of people had issues with this) and I don't think that will be a problem for me.

    For those of you who have this bag, do you still love it after having had it for some time? How is the wear and tear on your bag-- has it held up okay? Does anyone regret purchasing this bag?? Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. I've had mine for two years now, and I love it enough to want another one. I think mine is grained calfskin, in dark grey. I tripped really hard once and scraped up the front pretty badly, but I buffed out the scratches with leather cream and you can't tell at all. I got used to the closure pretty quickly.

    Here she is this morning.
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  3. Oh my gosh, your bag is absolutely gorgeous!! It looks perfect!! I would've never guessed you've had it for TWO years!

    Has your bag gotten softer with use? One of my concerns is that eventually it will no longer hold its shape (someone had mentioned to me that their belt bag in grained calfskin has completely caved in-- the sides and everything!). But your bag looks like it has maintained its shape over the years.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the mini belt bag!! Really appreciate it! :heart:

  4. I double checked my receipt and I'm mistaken. I got the bag in Jan 2016, so it's been over a year, not two. Sorry!

    The leather has softened a little bit with nearly non-stop daily use. I noticed the flap strain under the weight of my things, but as you can see it doesn't look like it when she's resting on a table.

    She has definitely held up better than the suede PS1 that came before her!
  5. Absolutely love your bag!!

    So you've had no regrets buying this bag???

  6. No regrets whatsoever! She's a great size for daily use and one of the sturdier bags I've owned.
  7. Hi,

    I just got this one on my birthday 10 days ago, so I suppose I can't justify how the wear and tear of this bag. But this bag is so gorgeous, I got my bag in light taupe and I love it because it's unique. I think you should get it IMG_20170310_080304.jpg
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  8. I've had the micro belt bag in the black grained calfskin for about 3 months at this point, and I definitely don't regret it. :smile: I had gone into the store planning to purchase another bag, but the belt took my breath away and it still does, every time I use it or even see it in a picture online. Personally, I love how subtle the design of the bag is -- clearly high quality and very professional yet feminine, but a little less obviously designer than the gorgeous, but very noticeable luggage tote. The mini was a bit too big for my needs, but I think most of this should still be relevant.

    I haven't had any issues with scratching (but I didn't get the smooth leather because I'm a human disaster) or shape loss as of yet. That said, I don't use the belt as my everyday bag, and I keep it stuffed when not in use. My general lifestyle is pretty casual, so I use the belt for days where I'm looking to be a bit more formal and dressed up.

    I would say that the clasp is definitely the hardest thing to get used to -- like your collection, most of my other bags tend to be top-zipped or an easier clasp, which doesn't seem like a big difference until you realize you're used to reaching into your bag for your phone every five seconds. Apart from that, my only gripe is that I wish the 'belts' were about 2 inches shorter (though I realize that would likely throw off the look of the bag lol so maybe not?) as they sometimes stick out weirdly -- I'm hoping they soften with time so they hang more naturally, because they tend to 'hold' bends from storage. (This may be less of an issue with the smooth leather.)
  9. +1 on feminine design!! totally know what you mean as its shape keeps pulling me back. I had and sold a small bicolor belt in smooth leather which held up remarkably well despite getting caught (or crushed!!) in a subway door one time... nothing that a little leather conditioner couldn't fix lol. I kinda prefer the larger size over the mini since the wider opening allows me to get in and out easier. as for the clasp, didn't have much of a problem as I tend to keep the flap outside, not under the belt, so the magnetic force always pulls it together without me having to force the clasp. I used the back zipper pocket for phone, keys and a little card holder for subway, credit card etc - found it super helpful to have this pocket. maybe this was why I didn't find the clasp annoying since I didn't have to constantly reach inside.

    just bought a pre-loved small belt in python, can't wait to meet her!! like I said I couldn't really stay away.
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  10. I love this bag and the colour. I'm thinking of buying the white belt bag. Any thoughts on colour transfer and cleaning/maintenance?
  11. Your bag is gorgeous!! Love the color!! I definitely think I need to get one too!!
  12. So glad to hear that you love your belt bag and don't regret the purchase!! Right now I'm leaning towards getting the mini in black grained calfskin.

    I know what you mean about the belts--- initially I LOVED the look of the bag and then I wasn't sure about the belts and how they hang--- so I just wanted to make sure it's not something that's going to end up bothering me AFTER I make my purchase.
  13. Hi I got my belt almost a year from now, and I absolutely love it. I don't use it as my everyday bag, but at the begging i used pretty much everyday for a couple of months. Mine its white and I just have one advice for you, if you choose a ligth color be carefull of color transfer when you use it on your shoulder, Mine got some color transfer from my jeans in the inside part (where the pocket on the side is) as i was using it with the long strap but apart of that it's such a lovely bag. I Also use a bath towel inside of it while store to prevent it from losing it's shape (but that's because i'm a freak and not sure if it really helps but it gives me peace of mind:biggrin:) Let us know which one you get ;)
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  14. Thanks so much for your input! I'm so glad to hear that you still love your bag after having it for a year.

    I was originally debating between beige and black but I'm thinking I'm going to get it in black so that I don't have to worry about color transfer!
  15. I think the light colors in grained leather are easy to clean. I just use baby wipes after I bring this bag out. No color transfer so far, fingers crossed. The only thing that I don't like about this bag is it's a heavy bag, although you can fit a lot in this bag, but I found myself constantly clean up my belongings in this bag because it gets heavy.
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