Thinking about a Wapity

  1. So I have been looking for something to hold a bunch of credit cards. I don't really want a new wallet, I love my LV wallet and to be honest don't want to spend another $600 on a wallet because I am also going to buy a Cabas Mezzo(I think, haven't quite decided) and would also like an agenda. I started looking and thought, hmmm that Wapity looks like it might work and I might also be able to throw my cell phone in it too. What do you girls/guys think? Does anyone use it for credit cards?
  2. Yes, you can put your cards in it and depending on the cell phone size, that should fit as well.
  3. i can fit my cell phone, money, cards, and even lip gloss in it :yes:
  4. Get the wapity!:wlae: I use it for cards, money and a juicy tubes lip gloss. It's great when you don't want to carry your handbag for a quick outing.It also hangs nicely on the wrist, freeing up your hands for shopping:happydance:
  5. I want a Wapity too...but I hesitate because the only one I like is the white one. And the white zipper makes me nervous because inevitably it'll turn grey, I think.
  6. i just got myself one! :love: it's great - i can even squeeze in my cerises cles with keys attached, my phone and some money with proper organisation. Go for it! :yes:
  7. i'm totally pro-wapity.
  8. yeah totally get a wapity!!!
  9. Pro-wapity and proud of it! :yes:
  10. YOu should get it! I love mine so much!!
  11. i use it as a digi cam case
  12. I use my wapity every day. Love it. I can fit a ton of credit cards, driver's license, money, cell phone, lip gloss, keys and even tampons!
  13. angel, definitely get the wapity. it has so many uses! you'll love it.
  14. Yep, a white wapity is on my list as well, go for it!
  15. I just ordered it(the wapity)!!! I prefer the mono canvas so that is what I ordered. I ordered the Wapity and a small agenda. My excuse is that I am starting college again and I just "need" the agenda and a bigger purse for books, lol. I am going to go buy a Cabas Mezzo in the next few weeks and would love to order it online because there is no tax and on $1000 in WA it is 9% sales tax so it would save me a bit. I just want to try it on to make sure that it "fits" me and my needs. I have also thought about the Babylone so I am going to see which is the best fit for me. I say that I will try them out and then order it from eluxury but I am so instant gratification so I don't know if I will be able to try it on, fall in love with it, and then walk away!!! Now I can't wait to get my new things!!!!