Thinking about a wallet!?! HELP!!!

  1. Hey guys, here again for some help choosing a wallet for my son. We are going to New York soon and wanted to get him a wallet or something from the One East 57th location. I was thinking the Portefeuille Accordeon. What I need help is in which print. Grey Taiga or Damier Canvas and Why? Thanks so much!
  2. Hmm.. both are good because they're low-key and so classy.

    If he'd like something that wouldn't need much special care, I'd go with the Damier Canvas. If he's going to use it for a business environment, I think he should go with the Taiga.
  3. Thanks for the help John!! He is using it more for personal use but I guess we will just have to see it IRL...Anyone else anymore opinions??
  4. I bought my 21 year old son a mono a couple years ago and now he wants a damier. On christmas I bought my 18 year old son a mono also and he likes it too. I guess the younger age likes the mono then eventually warms up to the damier and other style. Hubby on the other hand prefers the taiga. So yeah the best bet would have to be for him to see what they have to offer irl.
  5. From the two accordeons that you mentioned I would go with taiga, purely because it's low-key, very low maintenance, all leather, and the biggest reason is that the hardware is kind of matt silver. An uncle of mine has this wallet and its divine. I love it. I thinks he's had it for a good few years now, and there isn't a single scratch. Go with the taiga.
  6. Taiga Magellan. It has 2 credit card slots an a really cool coin pocket and plenty space for bills... and best of all.. not big and square so fits in your pocket more easily than other Vuitton wallets.
    I only know cause I'm thinking abot this wallet now...
    Plus it is understated, which for a lot of guys is important.
  7. Thanks guys for all the input...I will let you all know.
  8. I bought my DH the Damier Wallet with 6 cc slots. He loves it!! I swear the first day he went out with it to the gas station, the guy said to him, "that's a nice wallet" he was hooked!!! LOL!!