Thinking about a Part Time-any owners with feedback?

  1. I am thinking about a brown (truffle or olive brown, I think) part time. Any current part time owners or former owners with feedback for me? Too big? Just right?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I can't help, as I haven't had one. I was thinking about one as well, but wondered if it would be too long? And the depth is much bigger than the city... I'll be interested to see what part-time owners say. Good post!
  3. The Part Time is not a very popular style on the forum but it was my first Bbag and I adore it. I can't say enough good things about it. I posted pics in the pics only thread. I like it because of the extra long strap. I think it's ideal whether you're tall (because of the longer strap and wider shape) or short like me (because you can wear it messenger style). Very versatile and I like how it slouches. Kinda like a cross between a city and work. Any other questions you can PM me!
  4. I've heard it being described as having dimensions like the work, but just shorter...I've tried it on irl and really like it, though I don't own one...I happen to like bags long lenghwise...and I do like the longer strap. too. the bag feels like a bigger bag than a city which is nice.
  5. I have a part time and it's not my favorite to wear with the strap, but quite nice if you carry with the handles.

    The problem is that the part time body is very wide but not deep and so it can fold on itself if carried with the strap. Although the twiggy is also a wide-body, it has a nice "girth" that keeps it from buckling perpendicularly to its width. This problem doesn't exist if you carry the part time by the handles, or if you stuff the hell out of it. Hard to do given its generous capacity.
  6. I just (about 2 minutes ago!) started another thread about Part Times...great minds think alike I suppose... :yes:

    I, too, am in the market for a Part-time and, while I don't think I'll have much trouble finding a S/S 07 one (which I absolutely want to!), I also want to look for a pre-loved Part-time...I'm having a crazy hard time finding Authentic Part-time listings on eBay...are they just not that popular? Or, do they just not get 'copied' as readily as some of the other styles (City, Day, etc)?

    Any thoughts???
  7. Ahhhhhh... Part Time is the best :love: :love: :love: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine. The shape, IMHO is similar to City, it's just bigger and longer width-wise. I think it is a very modern shape when worn without the shoulder strap, of course ;)

    So someone hurry and list one on eBay so we can all fight over it :yes:

    My fav. styles are:

    1. Part Time
    2. Work
    3. Afternoon
    4. Weekender
  8. I like the part time too...I have a grenat bag that I also like better without the strap...the bag is longer but I think only 9 inches high...even though you lose an inch there I think with the longer body you don't need to stack your bag so high and then the weight in the bag gets more evenly distributed therefore also making it easy to carry...