Thinking about a new Botkier, but an old one has to go...

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  1. I think it's time for me to get a new bag! The thing is though that I have to let an old one go to be able to do so. The only bag I'm hesitant about at this point is my black Morgan Satchel.

    I bought my Morgan in mars and have only used it a few times. The size is perfect, and I like how it's easy to get in and out of, but the handles are very long which doesn't suit me, and the fringes are sort of wrinkled and looks pretty sad.

    Should I let it go in order to buy another beautiful Botkier?
  2. Of course! Use that money towards something that you'll love!
  3. Yup, if it's not complete love, you should let it go to find something that you do love! :yes:
  4. I would sell it. I'm sure the bag will make another girl very, very happy and you'll buy another bag you love.
  5. Yes, sell it! It sounds like you dont truly love it. Only keep what you love =)
  6. Thanks everybody! It's always hard to let go of your bags, but yes, I don't really love it anymore, feels like a waste... It's always a good idea to ask you tpfer for advice when your not really sure about these desicions! :smile: