Thinking about a LV Special Order...

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  1. Hey y'all! I do finally know what my next big purchase will be: a Special Order Keepall 50 in Natural Cowhide (Vachetta leather), with a beautiful raspberry alcantara lining. I've been in love with this leather since I saw my first Vuitton bag, so I figured getting a gorgeous travel item made out of it would be perfect for me! The price is $3,900 though.....not sure how I feel about that, but in the time it takes me to save for it, I should have made up my mind. :love:

    What do you guys think?
  2. Sounds divine! I love the alcantara lining! So soft!
  3. Most definitely! The man I spoke with said there were options as to the color of the Alcantara...Terracoda, Raspberry, Honey, Natural, "and several others"... I think I want to stick with the raspberry though; it looks gorgeous in the white Multicolor Keepall! :amuse:
  4. It'd be hard to keep it clean though, if it's going to be all vachetta. I'd be pretty worried about the evenness of the patina as well as water and dirt marks. It'd be gorgeous though !
  5. I've seen the all vachetta leather alma before- a keepall sounds pretty.
  6. It'll be pretty but I'd be so scared with all that naked vachetta!
  7. Woah sounds magnificient!! What a great special order piece that would be but like everyone said, I would be scared to death using a vachetta keepall.

    I can't even bear to use my mono alma because of the vachetta bottom =<
  8. Well I could see where all that fuss about keeping it clean comes from. The way I see it is...I can't be afraid. If I'm going to buy a bag, I will use it. Marks that come from my use of it, just furthers it's character. It's a pity not to use your pretty bags! :amuse:
  9. That's true, the wear,age and patina look good but the dirt, oil,-type stains would drive me crazy. It would be gorgeous though. Let us know if you get it!
  10. Oh I definitely will. I think I should have enough money by June/July or so... :shame: hey what can I say, I'm 18, still in high school, and work at a movie theater. lol :lol:
  11. and have an impeccable taste in bags....definitely add that to your description ;)
  12. Gee! :nuts: Thank you! :love: :biggrin: :amuse:
  13. What a fabulous purse...I can't wait to see it. Keep us posted.