thinking about a city

  1. I saw a city in sapin green I like on line. How much do they usually run? I don't have a store nearby that sells them so I was just curious. Also, do you think this color green is versatile?
  2. The City is $1,195. I think Sapin is a lovely color and would be versatile. You can see great photos of it on the website, you can hover and get close-up. The City is a fabulous bag!
  3. There are also pictures of a Sapin City on Ann's Fabulous Finds for more reference.
  4. personally green is not one of my fav colors... but I've seen it on other girls and they look fab! and they city is a must have for any Bbag collection really! u should go for it! let us know what you decide!
  5. sapin is such a pretty shade of green. if you love it then go for it. good luck!
  6. I say go for it too!:tup::tup::tup: A great versatile green and also the city is a classic. This color won't be around much longer too since it's no longer in production. Let us know what you decide!
  7. I think I may be leaning toward the black. I've really been wanting a black leather bag for a while. They have one on hold for me at Neimans but my husand said I should wait for Christmas.:crybaby: Maybe he will change his mind by tomorrow night when they will stop holding it. I have a feeling I will now be obsessing over this bag forever.:drool:
  8. I say go for what you've been eyeing or wanting for a while. Those choices tend to be the ones that endure the long haul. I hope you get your bbag soon and not have to wait till xmas (fingers crossed for you;) ,gucci).