Thinking about a Chanel Cambon Reporter..suggestions

  1. I've been eyeing this for a while .. about a year or so I saw one at the Houston Galleria boutique in Pink or Beige and loved it -- now all I see in the boutique here in Calgary offered in their catalogue is Black with Black or White with White .... Any other colour combinations available or coming out? I'd prefer something other than just those. TIA :smile: Is there a metallic one by chance?

  2. have you tried it on, it's not comfy for me, which stinks because I LOVE it!!!

    But that aside ;)

    Yes, the colors have all been discontinued. Are you sure it was a white/white?
    I've never heard of that.
    There is black/black and beige/beige only now.

    The Cotton Club ligne from last season had 2 metallics, a bronze and a silvery white. I doubt you could find one now though:shrugs:
  3. I was pretty sure the catalogue I saw was just black CCs on a black bag or White CCs on a white bag -- for the Cambon reporter --- I'll be checking any Chanel boutique I come across on my upcoming Europe trip, maybe I'll find a bronze one left by chance, that would be too pretty :smile:
  4. The white/white may be the Cotton Club Reporter with the chain handles versus the Cambon Reporter with the rolled leather handles.
  5. Oh I'll have to see what the Cotton club Reporter is, I've only looked at the one with the rolled handles.