thinking about a bow... have a question

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  1. hey miu miu fans!

    i am thinking about treating myself to a new bag.. i have been tossing up between the mulberry alexa and the MM bow..
    i am pretty new to MM (altho i have a small shoulder bag in cow skin from aboout 6 years ago) so i dont know that much about their bags, however i really like the look of the bow, as it is a gorgeous hand bag that can be worn messenger style too (really like wearing a bag this way best, espec with a 18 month old! good to have my hands free!)
    the think i am not sure about is that most of the recent bow reveals have been glazed leather.. i am not a fan.. can you get a black bow in smooshy leather?
    thanks for your help!
  2. mmm no, I don't think you can get bows in lambskin right now...I don't think I've seen them lately....
  3. Yeah, that's right, I dont season 3 bows come in lambskin. I asked the SA before. I like the feeling of lambskin better, sags more naturally w/o creases. But distressed calfskin looks vintage and nice too!

    Btw, does anybody knw if MM produces their bow in suede anymore? I think Suede is the best!
  4. No, I don't think so, no suede bows lately.
  5. You can try hunting down a circa ~2007 MMBB. Mine is smooth vitello. I always wished and prayed they came out with lambskin though, it's like butter.
  6. i have an alluminio bow (in my avatar), and this summer in NYC, i bought myself a Mulberry Alexa in black. THEY'RE BOTH GORGEOUS HANDBAGS. i adore both of these bags for different reasons.
    Miu Miu Bow: pretty, feminine, fun, unique opening (with the fold-over zip), slouchy, delicate
    Mulberry Alexa: functional, bit more structured with a boxier shape, sturdy, work-appropriate, on-trend

    they're both great bags for different occasions, and each of the attributes i named above could work as a pro OR a con, depending on what you're looking to use your bag for. what i also love about these bags are that they aren't as immediately recognizable to the general public, so you won't have people saying, "Oh, there's another LV." (<--- no offense to LV lovers out there! haha but you know what i mean?)

    have fun deciding! =)
  7. thanks for all your replies
    i popped into MM Chadstone yesterday (Melbourne) and had a look at the bows they had.. i am really not a fan of the glazed leather altho they had a beautiful dark brown one (the colour that is), which they said was new season.
    I do really like the bag but i think i am going to have to take neko's advice and hunt down an older one to get the lather i want..
    there are a cpl of evilbay at the moment that I am watching.
  8. I have both! I wear them both with one shoulder strap, across one shoulder only.

    Alexa - I got mine in oak. Great neutral everyday handbag. Matches pretty much everything I wear. Great look for work. A bit more roomy than the bow bag, but feels less sturdy because it's quite slouchy. Mine has a base support put in for a more 'boxy' look because I prefer it that way, and suits the work 'look' better.

    Bow bag - Really fun, adorable & feminine especially with the bow detail. Good with jeans, but GREAT with flirty skirts and dresses. The lambskin is nice and soft, if you like the slouchy look. I prefer the glazed leather because it looks sturdier and more hardy for day-to-day abuse!