Think Your Job Stinks ?....Top Ten Worst Jobs In America !

  1. This reminds me of an old SNL weekend update sketch in which Norm MacDonald was mentioning the worst job in America.

    "Last year's worst job...crack wh0re, which moved down to number 2 this year and was replaced by...assistant crack wh0re"
  2. Interesting I never would have thought that being a host/hostess would have made the list...or a model.
  3. Oh man...Never thought Host would have topped the list!
  4. Haha, this is EXACTLY what I thought of when I saw this thread title. You beat me to it, Charles!
  5. Thats weird some of these jobs dont sound THAT bad lol
  6. I don't think the projector thing seems too bad. I mean, honestly, just make sure nothing happens and you get to sit there for a few hours and not do much!! Take a few books, games, etc.
  7. well, I can say I wouldn't want any of those jobs, no offense to anyone who has them though. One of my best friends is a waiter and he's really good at it. I tried being a hostess/waitress as my first job and I SUCKED at it! Ugh. I hated that job.
  8. LOL I had 4 of those jobs when I was younger! Working at a daycare was worse than the ones on the list!!!
  9. I thought McDonalds or Walmart employees would be #1.
  10. Or Gas station attendant, Iunno.
  11. This is completely different from what I wouldve predicted. Interesting, though! Thanks!!
  12. I def agree being a barista (the person who makes your latte) SUCKS!!! Now that i'm a maneger i don't ever have to that anymore but when i did i had days where i wanted to kill myself and everyone around me.
  13. I think I missed the criteria for the list, cause a lot of those jobs seem pretty cush.

    I know when I worked for RPS (think UPS) I HATED it. I'd get in around midnight and have to unload 3-5 semi trailers of florida, which means that even in Nov, I had to deal with high 70's temps outside, which doesn't take into acct the temps inside the unventilated, all metal semi trailer. Don't even get me started on August conditions.

    Oh, and I'm a server part time, and I love it! Most of the time.
  14. I think being a server is a job you either take to or you don't. My friend tells me he doesn't know how I can stand my job.

    I think any customer service job basically sucks. I used to work in a hotel and I never want to have to go back to listening to those *******s that would call. Most of them weren't *******s, but the ones that were just made the whole job suck.