Think your job is tough?

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  1. Think again.

    My palms were sweating watching this one. Glad the "tricky part" is all the way on top. :wtf:
  2. I'm not afraid of heights- but this is scary. And no netting. omg.
  3. I feel sick now. :sick:
  4. The Sears Tower aka Wilis Tower is beautiful! Luv the video thats for posting!

    This individual has a really tough and scary job climbing the building like spiderman no fear at all!

    I used to work in the Sears Tower going up the elevator would make me dizzy.

    Also, once I got off the elevator my equilibrium would be off balance for the entire day!

    It was very tough working on the 103rd floor glad it was a short project.
  5. I don't have an unhealthy fear of heights, but this was a little uneasy to watch. When the guy was standing at the top and had both hands off the ladder/tower to set up the clip, I really felt uneasy!
  6. I think I'm going to throw up
  7. I meant to say: Luv the video thanxs for posting!:smile: The human Spiderman should be his name!
  8. I can't even believe they said OSHA allows free climbing because stopping to reclip your safety line makes the job slower. Are you freaking kidding me?! I think I'd rather do the job more slowly and come back alive than fall off of a 1700 foot building.

    On the flip side that is how far underground my DH works. :biggrin:
  9. no. thank. you.
  10. i think they are really gifted to do job like this....i think my legs won't work at that height....
  11. Ok, I stopped watching at 1:47 :faint:
  12. :nogood: OMG. I didn't listen to the sound but does it say how much these people get paid and if they get a bonus for climbing all the way up there?
  13. I'm not afraid of heights but watching that made me feel a little uneasy. That is crazy.
  14. That's crazy. I dont even like to go up the elevators!
  15. Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!