Think you might like to take a look at a Fendi leather bracelet? COme in!

  1. Hi ladies, after reading the Baby Spy threads here, I went to the Fendi Boutique for a browse of the real Baby Spy bag tonight. I was delighted to see that the delicious Baby Spy bag is actually available in store, so I don't have to consider purchasing it online if I would like one! I fell in love straight with the bag, holding it against the mirror, it is so well made, light, in a fabulous practical roomy great size and also trendy. I have spoke to the sales about it, and I think I am going to purchase one this Christmas as a treat to myself :yahoo:, probably within next two weeks before Christmas so I can have time to budget on it!!! Before leaving the Boutique, I spent time looking in every beautiful Fendi Bags displayed in store and their accessories too! Then my eyes was on this pretty leather bracelet, so here it is, I have it home now with me, it is a gift to my sister.

    I think I am officially in love with Fendi the brand!
  2. What a cute bracelet. You are so thoughtful--I'm sure your sister will love it! Also, congrats on discovering Fendi! Can't wait to see pics of your baby spy. What colour are you going to get? :heart:
  3. very nice -- packaging is very cute, too.
  4. aliceali, I PM'ed you...could you check. Thanx!:tup:
  5. etagaya: Thank you :smile: I am going to get the color black I think to start my very first collection from Fendi. I think I could use the bag for most of the time even everyday if black is the color that goes great with different outfits :heart:. The sales told me that Fendi will not discontinue their production of the Baby Spy Bag (coz that was my worry, I mean I wouldn't want Fendi to stop making such a beautiful bag style), so in the future, the Baby Spy would still comes in different color, so we shall look forward to it!

    Litigatrix: Thank you too :heart: yup, the package is cute! I love Fendi accessories after the purchase of this bracelet and my sister she loves it too!

    Annabrod: I have replied your message, pls check :amuse:
  6. Nice bracelet- the leather looks gorgeous!
  7. Yup, the leather is very soft! It is from the same type of leather Fendi used to construct their Selleria collection. In store I saw a pink wallet from the Selleria collection too, wow, the leather is just so gentle, just felt so good to touch it:love: