Think twice next time you want lemon in your drink

  1. :oh:
  2. Yikes! I always ask for lemon in my water.
  3. no more lemon for me, thanks for posting this.
  4. good thing i hate lemon water!
  5. Can anyone explain what's in the video?!?! My computer wont let me open it...and after last week when i got a virus through downloading a video patch i'm hesitant to dl anything rite now. Thank!!!
  6. It's a health inspectors video of all the nasty stuff found on lemons in restaurants.
  7. I love lemon and probably use 1/2 a dozen a week at home. I am concerned with this in restaurants. I actually started taking packets of True Lemon (and True Lime) with me to flavor my water, tea whatever when out.

    I really can't say enough great things about True Lemon. It's a powdered lemon juice (no sweeteners). I by the larger shaker bottles (like spices come in) for home and the packets for using on the run. Just one little packet (about the size of a sweetener packet) really peps up a bottle of water on the run and adds no calories. It you like citrus flavoring (they have lemon, lime, and orange) check it out. I even sprinkle it on veggies and salads to save calories. ;)
  8. OMG, my belly hurts now,!! I am disgusted. I always have lemon or limes with my water. I must say I work at a restaurant too and we DO use gloves before we cut the limes (we dont use lemons) and we wash and sanitize the limes before que cut them. We bought different bright solors cutting boards so the cooks dont get confuse when cutting meats and produce.

    I wonder... ewwww. I also love to put lime in my food, chicken, fish, ect. everything, even popcorn. I will wash them now but wont have any at any restaurant even mine.
  9. Thanks for sharing this video! I always get a water with lemon and sometimes request for more lemon!:sick:
  10. I always worry about germs on lemon slices in restaurants. Now I guess I'm right in doing so.
  11. Eeew. Now I don't feel so bad about bringing my own water when we eat out. I worry about the glasses/ice as well and I can't stand the taste bottled mineral water. Besides they are soooo overpriced at restaurants!
  12. totally barf!
  13. I cant see the video either but I can tell you I have worked in over 6 restuarants in the last decade and have never had problems with this stuff, we clean the lemons b4 hand and they are properly stored as well. again this is only at the restaurants ive worked at and one was a major chain! one place was so clean and they spent so much time cleaning at the end of the night you could probably eat off the floor. im intersted on those true lemon packets where do you get them??
  14. I always get lemons, never thought twice about it. Thanks for posting.