Think this will give the buyer a little more confidence in authenticity?

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  1. Hi guys,

    As I mentioned before I was selling a bag on eBay and today a buyer sent me a message:

    "Hello, I am interested in your purse and I am concerned about the authenticity and your return policy. Because it is a big ticket item, i just want to protect myself. If I purchase this from you and take it to a LV store and they cannot confirm it is authentic, will you take it back? Please let me know because i am very interested in it?"

    I really don't want to deal with buyers that are concerned about authenticity because I've heard the horror stories of "bait and switch", but I want the sale and so I gave the buyer a few options, and LOTS of's my response:


    Thanks for your interest.

    Regarding authenticity, I understand your concern, but I can guarantee it is 100% authentic.

    I have no true return policy because my bag is certainly authentic, and I'm a part of the Purse Forum, where I've heard fellow members' horrible experiences of buyers claiming a bag is fake, doing a chargeback, and sending back an indeed a FAKE bag (or no bag at all).

    I encourage you to take it to the store to have it authenticated where this service is available, and although I am 100% confident there is no doubt this is an authentic piece, I know Louis Vuitton does not do written authentications. If, in case, my bag is wrongly accused of being a fake (which it shouldn't) I will need the phone number of the store that you called, and the STORE MANAGER'S name.

    I will attach a security tag on the bag for my protection. If the security tag is tampered with, altered, or removed for ANY reason, I will not take the bag back, period.

    In fact, I actually encourage you to use a trustworthy and widely used authenticator. Ask other eBayers (or do a search for her site on Google) and you'll find that many people have had use her services with great experiences.

    Should you choose to do so, please have Carol contact me as well, ensuring the authenticity of my bag, so I know you've used her service and she's claimed it's authentic. I will take the authentication charge of $5 off the shipping fee.

    Please have confidence that you are bidding on an authentic, beautiful Louis Vuitton piece. Like you, I bought a lot of my LVs online and I know what a horrifying experience it could be. I've accumulated well over 30 pieces of authentic Louis Vuitton, from eBay as well as from the store, and I would never, EVER sell a fake bag on eBay.

    Thanks again! Any other questions please let me know. Sorry for the long message."

    LONG response. Yeah. I want her to know it's AUTHENTIC.

    I also sent a follow up email stating that if Louis Vuitton refuses to authenticate it, or their decision of the authenticity is inconclusive, I will not take the bag back unless she can give me the store number and manager's name. And yeah, I will definitely make sure the store number she gives me matches the store number on the Louis Vuitton site so I know she's not using her friend or something.

    Do you think the "rules" I laid down gave myself enough protection? What other tips do you have, in case the buyer DOES send the bag back, claiming it's fake, and does a chargeback? What sorts of things should I keep track of/keep in mind?
  2. I think this is a fabulous response. It's clear, firm and reinforces the authenticity of your bag (often with fraudsters, they go on and on and never actually claim the bag is authentic). It's also good that you've involved third parties on your terms.

    I think you're pretty much covered, but see what she says is response to this. She may happily agree, or she may try to wriggle out of these terms by saying they are unreasonable. If you still are uncomfortable with this buyer, then block her. It's not worth the risk. this is your bag, you are the seller, if she doesn't like the terms, she does not have to bid.
  3. ^ reported...
  4. I too think it is a perfect response. I know I would feel very assured.
  5. Sounds good to me, I think that you covered it all!
  6. Awwww, it was clear, well written, and you were so NICE about it!

    Good post!!!
  7. If I were your buyer I'd be thrilled to have received such a nice and well written response. And to think that you are willing to deduct the $5 charge for an authenticitity review.....well, that is truly honorable.
  8. That's pretty much what I also said on my listing (thanks to all the help I got here).

    I'm hoping to SCARE off the scammers and have honest, serious buyers bid with confidence.

    Good luck!
  9. I think it's a really well-written response, but I would leave out the business about taking it to the LV store. Just tell her (as you do) that LV does not do written authentications, and that she should use CarolDiva. The LV store scenario has the potential of causing you a lot of effort in terms of communicating with the manager, possibly not getting the same info as the buyer got (or thinks she got), etc.
  10. ^^I agree re the LV store. I have directed people to Carol and offered to deduct the $5 if the person won the bag.
  11. Great response, I think she will appreciate all the avenues that you offered to her.:tup:
  12. firm response and strong assurance. surely I would appreciate your extensive explanation on the authenticity issue.:jammin:
  13. that was a great response!! good job!
  14. Thanks guys!

    I know, I didn't want to send her to the store either, but since that was her original question, I felt like I should answer her (although I don't agree with getting LV to authenticate it) AND give her options (consequences of working in the hospitality industry--always offer options that work for both the client and yourself). Good! Now I just need to hear from her and get that first bid going...:rolleyes:
  15. Fantastic response. I only wish I got that much of a response when I contacted sellers!! Usually I contact them to ask about getting a shipping discount for purchasing multiple items, and what kind of discount they offer (if they don't already post this information in the auction). I'm lucky if I get more than a, "yes, just remind me." (That's literally a quote of the last response I got!)

    Good for you karman!