think they are cute??or you would never wear them??

  1. hi!!
    what do you think about these new 'Sing Sing' Christian Louboutin wedges??:yes: personally i think they are cute,maybe a little difficult to wear but what do you guys think?? cute or a no-no??

  2. Definitely cute. I would rather have the stripes on my shoes than anywhere else.
  3. I think they are cute! I think they would look great with all black, very sixties
  4. Hmm it's a cute pair but a bit too loud for my liking....
  5. Very cute but I'm not sure if I'd want to actually own them.
  6. OMG! Those are the ones that Paris Hilton wore in her music video. I had no idea they were Christian Louboutins.
    They're adorable.
    I don't really think they'd be hard to wear. I have a pair that has the same kind of heel and they're kind of tricky to wear but not that bad but those shoes have like a 3 inch heel so i don't think it'd be that tricky to wear these.
  7. I don't like them personally, nor would/could I wear them.
  8. Adorable.
  9. I think they are cute...I doubt they would look good on me...but hey if you can pull it off!
  10. Definitely cute, but not my personal style.
  11. love them, but would probably be sick of them in 6 months. would be fabulous with jeans!
  12. They'd be great with the right outfit!
  13. i think they are adorable!!:yes:
  14. paired with an all black outfit...too cute
  15. LOVE them!!