Think there will eventually be RM fakes?

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  1. It doesn't seem like any fake RMs exist but as the bags gain popularity do you think we'll start to see them flood eBay?
  2. not anytime soon.
  3. I hope not. One of the reasons I love RM is because you don't see everyone wearing it. Once they start making replicas of a bag, everyone starts buying them because to them there is no difference.
  4. eventually:girlsigh:...yes not likely anytime soon. By the way Label 360 just got back the violet matinee and they sent me a 30% discount code which would bring down the price to 434.00. I dont know if the code can be applied to RM but it wouldn't hurt to try. Just figured I'd share. Oh and they have the plan b bag as well
    Code is fave30:flowers:
  5. is the plan B in violet too?
  6. There were fakes spotted in Singapore or somewhere a while back but they dissapeared from the store really quickly. I don't know if they were pulled from the store or sold. Sadly it was most likely the latter because nobody really knows about RM and the company did not know about the situation either.
  7. Not anytime soon I don't think. It's still not a main stream bag and the fakes from I think singapore? that were shown on this site before, were SO OBVIOUSLY fake. You didn't even have to see it in person. I think it'd be hard to make the hardware especially.
  8. Eventually but like other posters have said, not any time soon. MBMJ fakes are now abundant and IMO, its shocking. In the past, you cold buy an MBMJ confidently knowing it was the real deal...not so much anymore
  9. i think the plan b was in black--- the matinee was violet
  10. Did emailed RM on this, and I think she took action on it.
    So far, I have not sighted any RM 100% inspired bags at the chain of shops since then.
  11. I would say eventually also, the fakes producers are very much alert on the current trends of designer items.

    If RM is going to increase their prices near future, it's going to boost them quicker to come out with fakes. In reality, the profit margin in fakes are huge. Unless those countries that produces fakes really take serious of the law AND enforce them, otherwise, we will see them in the market. :sad:

    I would just stay alert and buy mines from a reputable retailers.
  12. I don't think anytime soon.. and once they do start hitting the market, I think it'll be an even longer time before it starts going on ebay. The RM sales on ebay are still pretty slow moving, so I don't think it would be worth it for a seller to sell knockoffs at this point, especially since RM bags are pretty decently priced for a luxury item.