Think the seller sent me a fake Prada Help..


Aug 23, 2008
I just got in the mail what I won, well I asked the seller stright out before I bid if it was an authentic Prada she said yes it's authentic. I don't think so but please see my pics... If it's fake I am so sending this back. On top of that it's dirty too... If it's real how do I clean it. First tell me what you think, I know what I think but please give me your opinion... It's got a sm white tag inside that says 57 if that means anything...Trying not to jump the guuun so I'm here to ask... The color is more like a maroon Red not bright. Also when buying Prada what do I need to ask to see. Thanks



Jan 16, 2008
Hi, welcome to our sub-forum.

You will need to post your question on our thread. If you bought this on ebay, it will be helpful for you to include the link to the item page.

As for buying Prada, next time you can post the auction link on the Authenticate This thread before you bid/buy, so our experts (a.k.a. Prada Psycho, Rosemary, et. al.) can tell you their opinions.

Good luck.

P.S. As an added note, Prada nylons are notoriously faked often and sometimes, well.