think pink!!! any guesses....

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  1. been recovering from a trip to london yesterday. we covered so much and went to a couple mulberrys and harrods it was so much fun, but by the time we got home, we could barely walk:nuts:
    i havent done much today as we were tierd out and now im a bit bored so i though i might show you a couple of bags i got this week.

    i though one pink bag was enough but two came along and they are both different in their own ways;)
  2. Peony Pink Leah?
  3. nope to bright for me :smile:
  4. Exciting! I have no idea but will guess a salmon pink roxy for one and a pink Charlie for the other?
  5. oh where is everyone!??
  6. Something in lipstick, maybe Bays clutch?
  7. ooooo nope loving the guesses!
  8. Couldn't be a pink (cerise) Daria satchel could it..?
  9. Rose, fuschia, plum?
  10. ok first clue...

  11. Yes, I think a cerise Daria satchel is a good guess! I know you liked the colour of your hobo but found it too heavy xx
  12. Raspberry!!
  13. Alexa!
  14. Spazz Bays!
  15. yes nearly there :smile:

    raspberry spazz e/w bays...