Think I've fallen in love w/ my stiff whisky...

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  1. Hi ladies. Thanks for your feedback on my last thread about this.
    Yes, I have fallen in love with my whiskey paddy! The "stiff" has softened and the back is so pebbly soft. I've decided I like the differences in the leather. It gives it character I think. My photos are not showing the true color, but it is the deep rich color I wanted and even has what I choose to call a "beauty mark" (scar) on the front. I'm in love:love:
    I've seen some maltese lovers here so I thought I'd include my little nosey "Zoe" photo. I couldn't resist:biggrin:
    8AFA92F4-CE7B-6B7E-DB58EBB9CAF672DE.jpg 8AF5230D-C356-1024-8EBB25435E2969CD.jpg 8AF8FC66-03EE-E1FB-2C7A85C182B9DD66.jpg 8AF6B9AE-AC4D-9671-4FDF1AF427272DB6.jpg
  2. Zoe is so cute! That whiskey is beautiful. I love the leather on it!
  3. :love: I think you did the right thing by keeping it. It looks more authentic when the leather grain varies like that. :love: the photo with the doggie and the bag!!
  4. Where did you get the bag? Is it new?

    Love your dog! What a sweetie-

    We have the same berber carpet! :amuse:
  5. Thank you, Twinklette. I love my bag and I think she's pretty cute,too.:biggrin:
  6. Thanks Roey. I don't want to play the return game, either.:wacko:
    I'm :biggrin:
  7. I ordered online from Bergdorf's. I think they along with Neiman's still have them in stock. I got last week, it's new to me. However, unfortunately I think at this point the ones that are left are returns.
    I think mine was, but it was perfect. Maybe someone, like me initially, didnt like the leather and returned it and hopefully never used it. If they did, can't tell. I'm happy.
    My doggie, she is a sweetie, she's always on my heels..where i go she goes. Thanks so much and order a whisky if you still want one.
    Good luck!
  8. Love your dog and your whiskey....mine was ordered from BG too.
  9. What an adorable poochie! Oh, and luv the bag too!
  10. First, let me say I love Zoe!:love: Way too cute! Second, your bag is beautiful and I'm glad you fallen in love with it! Enjoy using it and thanks for the photos! I've GOT to get me a Paddy one day! The more I see them, the more I really like them!
  11. Thank you Print*model.
    The first photo showing the bag behind Zoe's:oh:nose shows the color as i see it, more rust than orange. I love it.
    My little Zoe...she is pretty cute. She always puts a smile on my face. Hope she gives you all a smile:biggrin:
    Thanks ladies!
    btw printmodel I didnt pay tax ordering thru BG.
  12. Awww! Zoe is adorable:love: !! I love your paddy. I know what you mean about the differences in leather. My edith is part smooth and part pebbly. But you are right-all the differences give it character.
  13. I love your whiskey too!!! (and mine!!!) and your dog... SOOOOOOOO adorable!!! :love:
  14. I love doggies and kitties in the pics! Zoe is adorable! As for your bag's "beauty mark"...I don't see a thing wrong with her! I think it's just Chloe leather. It looks great to me! Glad you are keeping her!
  15. I'm happy to hear you've fallen in love with your whiskey Paddy! And I just love your furkid! She's gorgeous. She looks like a really good girl:smile: